Anyone heard of this "sword" spread?


I picked up a little bargain gift box at Border's (hey, it was only $4.99) with a little tarot deck and a book called "Tarot Basics" by Evilin(sic.) Burger and Johannes Fiebig. Their card interpretations seem a little out of left field, but there are about six pages of different spreads (please, a break from the Celtic Cross!). One of them is called "The Sword":


1.The heart of the matter
2.Your starting point
3.Your support/ base/ foundation
4.Your chance/ what will aid you
5.A problem that's being solved
6.A desire that's being fufilled
7.New knowledge and insights

It seems kind of strange to me to do a reading in the shape of a sword, and given the positional meanings, what sort of question would it be used for?
Has anyone else ever seen this one? What do you think of it?


I've seen this spread before but haven't tried it yet, so I cant give you much info on it ;) But I know a good few people use it to understand an obstacle and over come it. Well that's what I understand. It's written in my Das Falken Praxisbuch zum Waite-Tarot.


Yes I know this spread. It is in a book I have by Evelin Burger & Johannes Fiebig.
I have use it once, and it's main use is for questions you may have regarding decisions.
I used it when I was having a hard time deciding what to do, and it worked quite well, although I had a little trouble with positions 5 & 6 (can't remember what cards i had) but I just can remember that I had trouble reading them in those positions.
I have tried it again without the decision making question, and it doesn't seem to work very well, so I think I will only use for it's main purpose.
I hope this helps you




Hi nina

I had seen this spread before, but like Sinta, I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. As for what type of problem or question you might want to use it for... I always thought that it would be good for the time when you needed to really "pierce the heart of the situation". A serious question where you needed to "cut through the knots of confusion". :D Okay... sorry, those sounded like bad puns... and to an extent were meant to be, but those actually were the thoughts that had occured to me the first time I saw the spread.


Trogon, whose afraid of bad puns? If the spread's worthwhile, I'll take a stab at it.


I picked up the same bargain gift box. it had a Tarot basicss book to go with it. I have used the sword spread and I like the Ultimate Goal spread.


I have this book, and I like it too.
Some of the spreads seem to sort of repeat themselves, and the names for the placement positions of the cards I sometimes find less than effective, but I've actually used the sword spread, and I like it. I like the "Ultimate Goal", and the "Question Game" spreads as well.

Lucas Prince of Cats

The sword spread!

Its funny, because I actually wanted to make an elemental spread, a combo of the heart spread, with three other spreads, pertaining to the suits, and it would be no question needed. For swords, I wanted to make it sword shaped, and I was thinking it would pertain to when someone is trying to find the asnwer or solution to a situation, project, or question(s).