Anyone interested in doing an intensive rune study?


I had an idea that maybe it would work out well to do an intensive rune study. If we get enough participation, then maybe we could have a sub forum for each topic- i.e. start with runes, go to ogham, etc.

Anyone interested?

Just a thought :D


Hi! I have a set of runes. I got in contact with this divination method before using Tarot, but I found it to be very hard for me (I was 19 years old then), I haven`t tried working with them eversince, but if you form this study group I will participate!!!


I would be interested though not until January.


I would be interested though not until January.

That is about the timeline I am looking for- AFTER the holidays- when we are all rested :D


Count me In Please ~! :)


I think I'd like a refresher on this, too. Though I never took to it enough to get a real stone or wood collection, I did make my own runes out of very thick illustration board, with the elder futhark penned on them. They should still be around somewhere... just didn't have the heart to throw them away the last time I moved...


I'm in, but should point out that I use the Anglo Saxon Futhorc, and not the Elder Futhark. I use the 29 runes detailed in the Old English Rune Poem, but not the additional 4 added and usually known as the Northumbrian runes.

I'm studying intensively at the moment, and this thread will be a great help to me.

I'm doing a lot of background reading, at the moment the Poetic Edda and Prose Etta, Beowulf and Anglo Saxon history. Also the Norse legends as related/translated by Kevin Crossley-Holland which is a truly excellent book.

And I am working my way through the games detailed in Rune Games by Marijane Osborne and Stella Longland, which I was lucky enough to find in Amazon very cheaply. It was recommended by Aulruna and I am grateful to her.


I may be interested, as well. I'm going to an introductory Rune Class on Wednesday. I've tried over the years to learn them, but put more focus into Tarot and so nothing "stuck".

I guess once I see how intensive (timewise) this will be then I can decide for sure. I've got a Thesis to write(not related to Runes) and I seem to have used every distraction to put it off.


Can you count me in?

I have this set of runes and a few books but I never got formally started. A study like this is what I just need to get me on the go! Am interested!


Wonderful to see all the interest- I will be PMing folks in the nw year.

For those that asked about Futhorc- I don't see any issue at all. I was actually planning on running through all 33 of mine (I use the Northumbrian as well), but starting with the traditional 24 that fall in both sets. The addition of the Old English Poems are very nice, as the Icelandic and Norse ones can be a bit vague.

The "intensive" can be about as intense as you want. My vision is to hit cover each rune in a day (ambitious, but would get us done in approx a month, anything longer tends to wear people out). Each person can post on that specific rune their thoughts, point of view, etc as well as traditional meanings, poems, yadda yadda yadda. The idea is to have all elements covered under each rune- so it is all in one place rather than spread out all over. If anyone has Galina Krasskova's rune book, it does something like this as well. Meaning, poems, then whatever you intuit as coming from the rune be it additional meaning, colors, element, associated God/Goddess/plant/planet/jewel/animal/etc, and whatever message the rune may task you with bringing back- as well as personal experiences in how the working with the rune went for you.

So- if you have a hard time connecting- plug in the poems or traditional meanings. If you speak to your runes intimately, then plug in some extra meanings/messages. If you get a strong sense of associated G/G/p/p/j/a/e- then go with that. It is not meant to be a rigid study, just bring to the table what you can. It is more of a potluck.

Hope this helps- we can mesh out more details when it draws close.


Oh- and happy holidays everyone! May your Yule fire shine bright on that longest of nights and may you sing when the sun comes home.