Apparition Reaction?


What would you do if you saw something that didn't seem of this world? Or what HAVE you done when you saw something otherworldly? I have felt I saw something out of the corner of my eye, then turned and nothing. I can't say if anything there or not. I have FELT strange energy in a house or place, but can't say I've ever seen anything. I don't know what I would do. If with others, likely just take in the experience, if possible, try to photograph. If alone, likely, TA TA, see my dust!

ATers? I know some here have seen things, some may wish to. What would you do if you did or if you have?


Seeing something doesn't scare me much - it's the connection that frightens me - for example, if I saw an apparition of a human - and it made eye contact with me, looked at me, was AWARE of me - now THAT would scare me! Does that make sense?


oooh YEAH Bhavana!

Absolutely. I sense energy and it doesn't bother me if I can kind of STAND BACK from it. It's feeling like it notices me that is strange. I did the peeking in the keyhole exercises (remember those? looking at pix and seeing what you sense?) and once I went in close for a look and got too close, not a good feeling. If I saw something that I felt was more like a photograph, wouldn't really bother me I DON'T THINK! LOL


this is why I keep so many religious items in my house...not that it looks like a church or like I am a fanatic bible freak - I try to go with a sort of eclectic bo-ho colorful new orleans kind of vibe, a nice mix of items - but the statues and crosses and rosaries have a purpose - people are always telling me that with my "interests" I am going to invite some unwelcome presence into my home! My talismans may not work in the long run, but they make me feel safer...and so far, where I live now, I have neither seen nor heard anything out of the ordinary.

In my readings on the subject, one doesn't even have to live in an old house with lots of history - a spirit can become attached to you anywhere - could follow you from a party or a cemetery - from anywhere.


Fear seems to invite in the unpleasant stuff, fear we are not doing it right, fear we may need another amulet to protect us, fear that we haven't prayed enough, long enough, to the right deity, etc.

Usually when I see something unusual I just say hello. If it hangs around then we can try to communicate, if not it may just have been my eyes (which are not so great any more). ;)


Interesting thoughts, Bhavana and Milfoil

I guess spirits are where we find them (or they find us!). It would be the energy that spooks me, I think. If it's a calm, good energy it wouldn't make me run like a bad vibe would. I think if I FELT an energy, that's what I would go by more than what I saw.

Your house sounds cool, Bhavana. I bet it's great and colorful and full of life.


However gentle and good the energy feels GD, if its something that shouldn't be there it gives you a hell of a shake ! :) I saw a ghost once and he looked at me as if I was the ghost. He looked shocked and astounded l! So odd.
I once saw something that I can't explain, the black human-shaped thing I've told you about on here - and that felt so evil it gave me a horrible scare. My scalp crawled, literally.
And I once saw a big pure white wolf jump a gate then vanish on a back road in Scotland where there have been no wolves for 300 years.
If you see something that you CAN'T have seen, something that isnt "right" - then it leads for me anyway, to an awful lot of heart searching. The ghost that looked at me as if he had seen a ghost led me into hours and hours of wondering about time & how it worked etc! Your rational mind just wont accept it, but your psychic side keeps going back to it :)


Wow Mingbop!

OH I'm sure it would give me a start alright! I just don't think I would feel as fearful if I felt a good over an ominous energy. Startled, DEFINITELY! Questioning myself? Almost certainly. But I haven't seen anything as of yet. Like most people, I've thought I've seen something out of my eye, but nope, can't confirm I've ever actually seen anything, certainly not like you have! The wolf must have been grand!


I've had a few of these. The earliest things I can remember is as a child in my nans bedroom. I used to sleep at my nans when my mum worked nights and there was a cuboard next to the bed that i used to think something awful was in there, in fact her whole bedroom really really scared me and the hall leading to it. Even as I grew older I didn't like being in there on my own. I used to think that it was a childs mind playing overtime but actually looking back on what i know now I do think there was an energy in that flat.

I also remember as a child when my cat died and i woke up to feel her walking across my legs as she often did.

When my dog died I was laying in bed, not asleep just very upset and I could clearly hear her barking downstairs. Sometimes she would bark is she wanted me (go to the toliet or a drink as her back legs became weak) so this was a sound that I was very used to. It was loud and clear I wish now I had gone downstairs maybe I would have seen her but I didn't dare because the upset of her not being there.

I recently went to view a property and was leaving the stable yard when a group of horses walked onto the yard, the riders were laughing and it was winter, It felt like a memory being replayed rather than something active so didnt worry me at all, in fact it gave me a nice warm feeling to think that there had been such happiness there.

I have had less pleasant experiences. Negative attachments which were awful, and unpleasant energies on the property which we had to have help with, that really wasn't nice or funny and it affected everything here very seriously, if I hadn't experienced it i wouldn't have believed it and I don't want to experience it again!

Yesterday I had a very strange experience. I had promised two friends some bodywork, one wanted a massage another wanted healing. I was doing the healing with this person and all was going fairly as expected when I felt something some behind me and was directing (physically) my arms and hands, I could feel that something was happening as a result of these strange movements to the energy around this person, what was interesting was the other girl said that she went cold (she voiced this at the time while I was working so I hadnt said anything about what I was feeling) and that every hair on her body stood on end. This being was enormous the energy so powerful, once the work was done it just sliped away, I then got a vision of a little boy for my friend and some information which turned out to be her sons twin. but that was all very joyful for her and she was so happy to have the information.

I am not used to all this (i tend to feel things rather than see) but there seems to be a very different feeling for whats positive or just playing out to that which is negative, the negative seems to make itself clear and I really don't want that in my space urghh! shudder!


I felt my mom leave when she died at the hospital. I saw her 2 weeks later (or was it 3? I can't remember), when her dining hutch was delivered to me and I had it all nicely set up with her china. I distinctly remember getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and saw her standing there clasping her hands and admiring where her hutch was placed. She turned and saw me and was surprised that I could see her. I said Hi Mom, be right back. (I wish then I didn't have such an urge to "go" because I would have stood and chatted with her).

I heard my cat that passed away call for me the night after she died. (I posted it in chat I think about 4 years ago I think).

But these sightings are not unusual for me. I have been seeing spirit since I was a child. From family to soldiers at forts to spirit that just comes to visit. I admit I wasn't used to it, but it's something to get used to if you want to and I want to.