April Oracle Deck of the Month: Angels, Guardians or Other Protectors


I totally planned to buy Sacred Rebels (even though its not a guardian deck) to use this month but time simply slipped by and so now I need to figure out what to use....This is the month some want to use the Oracle of
Initiation but I don't have that one either....What will others to using for April??


Anyone joining me in an April study?


I'm going to be using The Enchanted Map this month.....I know not guardian but well it is sort of...since its the divine or spirit. I needed a deck and this is the closet to the topic I have.....going to look for previous threads/study of it.


I can join you this month. I drew some cards from my usual decks to see if Wisdom of the Hidden Realms and/or The Shaman's Oracle might be suitable for this month and it seems both have their advantages. As in the attached cards I drew from each of the above, the idea of a guardian can vary depending on the circumstances one is currently encountering - an encouraging angel as in The Spirit Whisperer or a protector warning of danger as in The Dancer of Fear :lightbulb.


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Waiting on my new Oracle of visions in the mail, it's taking forever!


Yes the concept of guardian can be quite broad. I even thought a couple of my Native American decks with their animal guides might truly be guardian based!

I bought the Enchanted Map quite a while back but just haven't looked at it too closely. It might be a stretch but I am thinking of it as.....our most important guardian of all is our self....our intuition...our inner voice that if we listen can keep us out of a lot of trouble.

"the theme of the cards are related to a journey representing the symbolic places you might visit, the conditions you may encounter and the allies and challengers you might meet on a metaphoric map that tells the story of your life."

While this concept intrigues me I will have to work with the cards before I see if they truly encompass life's journey. LOL

I'll start a Draw thread over in readings.


I think The Shaman's Oracle could fit the Guardian theme quite well. The cards are divided into 5 suits of 10 cards each - Spirits, Ancestors, Dancers, Hunters, Shamans - plus 2 significators of sorts - the Journeyer and the Companion. All the cards represent an otherwordly being and the guidebook includes a message from each of them e.g. "I am the Hunter of Mysteries. I seek the depths beyond depths of being in order to find enlightenment...", then an explanatory paragraph e.g. about mysteries, followed by a list of interpretive keywords. I don't see any meanings jumping out at me from just looking at the cards, but there's quite a bit in the book - perhaps reading the messages and trying to imagine these beings would help to connect with them.


I've been using both decks in the Draw Thread and they're working fine, resonating with each other very nicely :).

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms also fits the Guardian theme to a reasonable degree as all the cards apart from The Phoenix, The Dragon's Duel and The Cosmos depict human like figures personifying the messages of the cards as magical beings. Actually, even The Cosmos shows the Moon with a human face :angel:.

I generally find the images and keywords on the cards are enough for me to get the message, particularly when reading with multiple decks, although the guidebook can be quite helpful when I'm stuck and the words and phrases can also resonate.

This is the second copy I've had, I gave up with the original having got nowhere but eventually decided to give it another go and it's now working much better. It might just be my memory but the original seemed to have a bit more brightness and contrast than this one, which has been printed in China. It still has the same nice gilded edges but the brightness and tone of the backs varies noticeably so I always fan and pick cards with my eyes closed. As I just fanned the backs now, one of the cards fell out - The Wise Woman of Wonderland (integrity, compromise) - so I expect this has come about as part of a cost reduction exercise ;).


This thread is a better discussion of The Shaman's Oracle that's been running for a few years :cool3:.


It's been a quiet month discussion wise but I've learnt from it :). Multi deck readings work much better for me, they get past the agenda of a particular author, and in doing those this month The Shaman's Oracle always made a strong contribution. Wisdom of the Hidden Realms fitted in but its messages weren't really as clear.

I finshed up with a 7 deck reading for advice on using multiple decks and the Shaman's Oracle card for this was The Hunter of Death - something outworn needs to be dropped to open the doorway to new opportunities. My other Watkins decks also gave very straightforward advice - The Crystal Wisdom Oracle: Aquamarine that I should be objective, detached, assess guidance realistically and not be misled by "vivid imaginings, wishful thinking or spiritual claptrap", and The Wisdom of Trees: Montezuma Cypress that I need to make a decision to focus on something solid and stop distracting myself with trivia. The Hay House decks did give messages of endings and separation but overall they lost out in a big way and have been relegated to the bottom shelf of the bookcase :joke:.