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Hi, BlackMoon! Glad to be partnered with you for what I believe will be a very exciting and educational round of Rune Exchanging! Please let me know if you have a specific area of focus you'd like me to concentrate on; for myself, a general reading about new beginnings would be great! Here are the guidelines again for this month's Exchange:

So this doesn't devolve into a total free-for-all, I felt it would be nice to have at least a suggested Theme to sort of unite the readings (emphasis on "suggested" -- if you have some other burning question that won't fit neatly under the following umbrella, you won't be flogged for not sticking with this suggestion...). But my reasoning was that this is April, the first month of a new season, and we're also under the sign of Aries at the moment, which is a sign of new beginnings and fresh, vibrant energy (among other things). With all this in mind, I figured we could try to focus on the concept of New Beginnings. What in your life right now are you beginning? What new beginnings might receive extra support from the universe were you to give them a go? What areas in your life might benefit from a fresh start?

Here are the two choices for reading about such questions (and please consider this overall series of Exchanges to be a work in progress, so your feedback as we go will be read, valued, and taken into serious consideration as we do more of these):

A) The Spread

In setting up the spread choice, I'm struck by the fact that we just did a two-Rune spread last month, so I think beefing up the minimum number of Runes might be beneficial here, and also people doing the cast will have to put in some significant work in detailing their results, so I'd rather the two methods don't differ too greatly in the amounts of effort being required. With that in mind, this month's suggested spread will be a four-Rune array, built (roughly...) in the shape of the ram's horn symbol of Aries:


1 = The area of your life in which you might benefit most from a new beginning
2 = The energies you have at your disposal to support a new beginning
3 = The current most probable outcome of a new beginning
4 = What you can focus on/work on to yield an even more positive new beginning outcome

B) The Cast

The recommended Theme here is still that of New Beginnings, but instead of forcing positional meanings upon the Runes as we sort of do in spreads, here the Runes will just get to tell us what they have to say. In other words, we don't dictate what their positions mean -- they do. If you do like the theme, though, the idea is that your cast is about gathering information for your partner about the concept of them making any new beginnings in their life at this time.

Obviously when casting, there are no fixed positions as there are in a spread. It seems that all of us who spoke out about casting are interested but inexperienced for the most part, so rather than enforce rigid guidelines, I'd like to encourage experimentation so we can all start to learn what works best for us as individuals. This means, I'm kind of subdividing this choice into two sub-choices: either (without looking) randomly select four Runes to cast, or (also without looking) select as many as seem to want to present themselves to you for this cast regardless of number, as long as you end up with at least four Runes in total when all is said and done...then however many you've selected, shake them up in your hands, and then cast them. Use of a casting cloth is recommended, but not at all required (it might save your furniture some wear and tear, though...).

For this first foray into casting, I don't want to impose any additional rules regarding other factors. This means that if you want to remove any Runes that landed face-down, you can...provided you still have at least four Runes to write about for your partner. If you want to include face-down Runes, you can do that, too. You can also take into consideration factors such as the rotations of the Runes (are they perfectly rightside-up or upside-down, or somewhere between those two positions?), whether some have clumped together, how and how far they've dispersed from each other and from the center of the cast, whether any are touching each other, etc. You can feel free to discover what seems important to you with respect to all of this, but please do capture some of this in your reading write-ups -- this will help you to grow as a Rune-caster and -reader, it will be of value to your partner, and it should also be great learning fodder for anyone following along.

Finally, photos of your spreads and casts are very, very seriously recommended. If you really have no way of providing pictures, please let me know, but otherwise, the visual aid will be immensely helpful, especially with respect to anyone doing any casting.


Thank you for opening the thread ^ _ ^
A general reading will go well


Hi, BlackMoon -- general reading, it is! I'm going to try to clear away some time later today to do this, and I'll be attempting the casting rather than the spread. This will be my first Runecast ever! More to come...


Okay, BlackMoon -- it's later in the day, and I was successful after all in setting aside some time in which to do your Runecast and write up the results! As I mentioned earlier, this is my first time ever attempting a cast, so I hope this one has some meaning for you!

I started by trying to grab a random number of Runes from their bag, but I only ended up with three in my hand -- as the minimum number for a cast in this particular Exchange was set at four, I tried to then scoop up a couple more. I only managed to nab one additional Rune, but since that gets us over that minimum threshold, that's how many I used. I shook them up, tossed them onto the cloth I was using to catch them, and the resulting distribution is what you'll see if you look at the attachment labeled "Runecast 1."

As you'll notice, three Runes landed face-up -- Mannaz, Uruz, and Sowilo -- and one landed face-down. The Runes ended up in a sort of diamond-shaped pattern, and I feel like there's a definite flow, starting with Mannaz at the right, and then moving to the left and slightly upward, picking up energy from both Uruz and Sowilo, and heading toward that last, mysterious Rune. This left me with the equally definite feeling that Mannaz is the foundation, the starting point: I believe you'll find the most support for new beginnings in your life at the present time if you seek to attempt them in those areas dealing with other people. For me, Mannaz represents the concept of community, and involves dealings with others. I'm thinking here that you have potential for success in seeking either completely new relationships now, or in redefining some existing ones (and these relationships could be of the kinds involving friendship, business, or even love -- anything to do with you interacting with one or more other people). The rest of the cast then seems to comment on how such new beginnings might go, and what they'll require...

The next two Runes -- Uruz and Sowilo -- both seem to speak of energy requirements. I was struck with the notion that we're seeing both Runes sort of coloring the path that would lead from Mannaz to the hidden Rune, and we see the Sun (Sowilo) above and beaming down, while the raw energy of Uruz (the Wild Ox) rumbles from below. My take here is that in order to successfully traverse the entire pathway to positive commencement of the potential new beginnings we're examining here, you'll need to secure some helpful energy from external sources (as represented by Sowilo -- the "sunlight" required here might be good will from others, introductions or recommendations, support and flexibility from people already in your life as you make relationship additions or changes) and your own internal energies (drive, focus, determination to succeed, efforts). You might think of the process as you planting some new crops that you bought from others and then sow yourself (Mannaz)...you weed and water and cultivate these crops (Uruz)...and you make sure that the growing plants receive plenty of life-giving sunlight (Sowilo). This all leads you to the end result, that face-down Rune...

Which, as you'll see in the second attached photo ("Runecast 2"), is...Jera, the Harvest! I found this immediately significant upon turning this one over! It beautifully extends that metaphor of new or altered relationships being like crops you can tend, and the whole reading seems to hang together thematically in that sense. Some things to point out, though, about this last Rune...

First, it landed face-down (I even wonder if it was the only one not in the first group of three I grabbed when I initially stuck my hand into the bag to pull Runes, although I'll never know now...). This can mean different things to different people, but I was interested to discover that my own strongest gut feeling was/is that it signifies an outcome that's possible, but may be elusive, and a bit tricky to pin down. That is, it's not certain, and without careful and steady application of both the external Sowilo energies and the internal Uruz energies I spoke of up above, the "harvest" of these updates in your relationships might slip from your grasp. I believe you'll need to stay focused...and while there are no guarantees that you'll succeed if you do stay focused, there's encouragement.

This leads me to the second thing of note here: I find it to be a positive thing that the overturned Jera Rune looks like it tried to jump all the way clear of the casting cloth I used, but it couldn't quite escape. I believe it's meant to be the natural conclusion to the new beginnings you try to launch here, as long as you do stay on track, and remain committed to seeing them through all the way.

So to sum up, I think you have a good shot at making some significant changes to your current array of relationships, possibly including adding new ones, or maybe altering some that already exist, and that these changes could be happy ones. This will definitely require consistent attention and effort from you for a while before any changes will really stick on their own, but I feel that you're being told here that if you do keep at it and remain attentive and positive, then some very positive results could very well be what you'll end up "harvesting."

Please do let me know if this all makes sense! I hope it feels at least somewhat accurate and thought-provoking, and that you can see how I might have reached these conclusions based on the cast that resulted as shown in the attached pics. Thanks so much for being willing to be the recipient of my first-ever Runecast!


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1 = The area of your life in cui you might most benefit from a new beginning
This Rune is beautiful, send me success and perseverance, I feel so pure.
There is a project in front of you, there is something very beautiful that is going to come into your life.
Be audacious launched in this new project you have all it takes to be successful.
There is every chance, take them.

2 = The energies you have at your disposal to support a new beginning
There is always the pros and cons in all things.
Be careful.
He is careful not to slip into laziness there is strength in you there is possibility to realize the infinite.

3 = The current most probable outcome of a new beginning
There is an obstacle in this change, something that stops you, and perhaps fear.
I feel that something very gray hinders, I feel afraid.

4 = What you can focus on the / work on to yield an even blackberries positive new beginning outcome
As well Jera there I feel afraid,
And as if in front of you there was a door and you are afraid to cross it.
There is an obstacle in front of you, you can overcome it, but something brakes.
Maybe the fear of hurting someone. Maybe fear itself to make you afraid?