Archeon tarot - 7 of Cups


This card is like a magic carpet ride. It depicts a winged horse flying off into the sky past a full moon with a young woman on it's back peeking cheekily over her shoulder at us as though she knows she is off bound for a fantastic journey. 7 cups are below. Although there is no rainbow in this card I feel as though the horse may be galloping up one brining to mind the illusion of the pot of gold at the end. This card is done in deep purples giving it a mystical fantasy feel. The whole card seems dream like and a thing of beauty and fantasy.

In this card we are flying high above the clouds and feeling reckless despite the dangers of falling off. The horse is powerful and yet we can control it. Just as dreams and illusions are powerful but wwe can control those as well.


There is also the moon. This add to the dreamy illusion. A lot of sparkle (are they stars?). Makes me daydream!


This is a fairly standard representation of the 7/Cups. However, Lantz used the pegasus to illustrate the dreaminess of this arcanum--rather than utilizing the cups themselves.

Moreover, the female figure appears to be nude. And she seems to be looking down in a scared fashion. She doesn't necessarily look like she's enjoying it. This speaks to the ambiguous nature of the 7/cups in that it can represent happy things like daydreams and fantasies, but it can also represent the negative effects such things can produce (i.e., laziness, fuzzy thinking and judgement, etc.)

Just some thoughts.



Yes, escaping on a winged horse towards the moon strike me as being very consistent with the notion of delusion.