Archeon Tarot XVIII The Moon


Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright... -Curt Siodmak

Trust not the Moon, for she gives birth to shadows and it is in these dark places where reality becomes distorted. Illusions can not survive in the light of truth, and those who seek to deceive know this lesson well.

The light of the Moon also has the power to reveal secrets. Her cold illumination seeks out those who would operate under cover of darkness, and she would like nothing more than to expose their conspiracies and reveal their lies. Exercise caution in what you allow the moon to see, lest you find your own mysteries laid bare.

The Moon is a powerful symbol of womankind, feminine energy and fertility.

Notice the Raven, 12 phases of the moon, witch doctor, and female figure.

The Moon represents: illusion, fantasy, deception, trickery, secrets, betrayal even scandal.

The Moon inverted represents: secrets revealed, a warning of deception, awareness.


"Trust not the moon". Yes, the subconscious requires some deep understanding...and it is only when you think you understand something that you realise you know absolutely nothing at all.