Are there any palm readers on the forums?


I just got a few books on palm reading; it's pretty interesting, and I would like to learn it someday (but I don't have time right now) :( Anyway, is there anybody else interested in this? What got you started? Do you combine it with tarot readings? Any other useful information you could share would be appreciated!


Hi Jeanette-

While I was caring for my mother, during a terminal illness in the hospital, someone gave me Lori Reed's book, "Palmistry."

I was fascinated and thought I'd look into learning more about it. Long story made short: that was 10 years ago and I'm still reading and studying.

I started out by reading Xerox copies of hospital staff's palms. That involved long, handwritten analysis, some times 5 or 10 pages. There really is a little world right in the palm of your hand.

I progressed to palm reading prior to giving a tarot reading.

I'm just as fascinated with a querent's odyssey through his/her palm as I am in awe of the person's life journey through the tarot. There is history in the palm and it's story is played out in the tarot.

If you develop your interest in Palmistry and are looking for the titles of resource material let me know.

Hope this helps you along your path.

Blessings, Moose


is it true that the lines and mounds on our palms are continuously changing?


Moose, thanks for your offer for help with resource materials ~ but I am too short on time right now! :( Maybe someday in the future! Right now, I'd just like to hear other people's stories!


january (26 Jan, 2002 08:51):
is it true that the lines and mounds on our palms are continuously changing?

Hi January,

The 7 major lines of the hand do not change. They may appear to, but this is because they are either strengthened or weakened by new accompanying lines, islands, squares or other marks of change.

The mounts may also appear to change in size. This is usually the sign of manual labor; therefore they may seem larger and thicker, but basically the size is not depressed or decreased.

I believe all things that affect one's mind, body, or spirit affect the hands as well.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

Blessings, Moose


When I was just a kid, maybe six or seven, my grandmother explained to me what some of the lines on my hands meant. She was from Scotland and was very into the whole tearoom/orientalist craze of the early 20th century. I wish I had thought to find out where she learned palmastry. Alas, it much too late now.

Any way, I was hooked. Years later I studied palmastry extensively. These days I've become rather rusty (at palmastry I mean). I suppose I could still do a reading but I'd have to sit with a palm print and a stack of books. Who has the time for that?


i'm readiing the book "runic palmistry" by jon saint-germain.

it's an excellent book and really really really easy to understand.

it combines palmistry with runes!!! this guy learned palmistry from his mother, auntie and grandmother.....passed down from generation to generation.

he is very easy to understand!

in light,

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