... Are you out of the Tarot closet?


When it comes to my family, I have disclosed my passion for the tarot only to my wife and son.

As my family are traditional roman catholics, I fear the hue and cry that would be raised if they were to become aware.

I can imagine them trying to perform an exorcism over my evil bones. Overall, it aint worth the hassle. So, I keep it quiet.

My profession as an attorney does not help when it comes to my desire to be open about my life's choices. Also, my community is just to the right of Mussolini, so I gotta be circumspect there too.

What are your stories?



I can sympathise - my father's side of the family are strict Roman Catholics (my grandparents were Italian) and I can imagine the fun and games!

My partner was brought up strictly Protestant and, while he knows I have Tarot cards, he doesn't want to know any more. He refers to it as my "wickedness" and knows he's being irrational but part of him regards the cards as truly coming from the Devil. He also believes that the Death card can cause people to die! His three young sons have all insisted in having a look and, being boys, one in particular is absolutely fascinated by the Death card (I think is making a point to himself that he can hold it and nothing bad happens! He's adopted my Arthurian deck as his own - it's a great way of getting him to read and listen to the stories) and another uses my Inner Child cards to make up stories (which inevitably are crammed with the Swords suit and any other swords he can find!).

Ironically, the place where I have "come out" is work- I'm a secretary in a large firm of solicitors. The interest there is very strong, mainly from the other secretaries although a few of the bosses have booked me - a lot of lunchtimes are taken up with "quickie" readings which help me keep my hand in and lead to paying readings (obviously I can't run a business on the firm's premises, but I'm certainly never going to go short of food!). In fact, I'm off later to be the entertainment at someone's "girls' night in".


I guess I'm pretty lucky with this. I think all my friends and family know I read tarot cards and love it. They all call when they have questions! LOL
I don't go out and shout it in anyone and everyone's face but I definitely don't hide it either. I've had no problems what so ever. But then I live in a small metaphysical community. It's in the middle of a hickville state (arkansas) LOL but the town and immediate area are wonderful!!!!


As for my own family they all know - some makes fun of it and others make use of it, that?s bout 50/50.

My family-in-law on the other hand got no clue and will never get it, they are so restricted and judgemental on how others should live their lives that I really don?t care to tell them. Not that I don?t dare - but they really don?t mean all that much cause of their behaviour, so if they never ask they will never know.

As for friends, loads knows and they all find it very interesting though many of them don?t dare getting read - so much for liberation I guess :D


when i was a child i wasn't in the closet w/ tarot b/c i didn't know any better. my mother always encouraged me to learn so i did. the negative experiences i had w/ the christian community has pushed me deep into the inner recesses of the closet. things i have learned recently about the culture of the seventies and happenings in some rock-n-roll bands like jim morrison and the doors explains to me why a few parents pounced me and shamed me about my deck. one father told my mother to burn my deck. i told her if she did i would find a way to get another. otherwise i was very quiet very well behaved teen. it was my 2 sisters and 2 brothers that taught her how bad a teen could behave! i know she wished later that the worst thing the others wanted to do was read tarot!

the spiritual abuse that i took back then has really impacted my life. it's only been in the last year or so that i don't feel ashamed of my passion for tarot. with the help of some friends, i finally accepted that all of us have things that it's prob best if the world doesn't know for our own safety and protection. it doesn't mean tarot is a bad thing or i'm bad for using the cards. but there are ppl who can use such info for the wrong reasons and hurt me. it could be tarot but it could be any number of things that are simply personal in nature and no one's business. there's lots of things i don't know about other ppl so there's no reason they have to know everything about me.


My mom was with me when I bought my first deck. She just kind of shook her head and gave me that "you are wasting your money" look.

I told most of my friends right away. They know me so well, most of them just said "It's about time you got a deck". Now they can't wait for me to start doing readings for them.

My husband is over seas with the military and has been there for over a year. His responce was "You are spending too much time with your sister". But he never denies me things I'm interested in and made that coment very lovingly. (My sister is Wiccan and my husband loves her but is kind of confused by her!! LOL :) )

The person I do hide it from is the mother of my daughter's best friend. She is very religious. Our daughters are very close. I don't want my interests to in any way harm thier friendship.

When my husband comes home (In one more week!!!) his family will probably find out as I will be suck spending time with them. ACK!!! LOL :) My mother-in-law will think it's foolish (she hates me) but I think the rest of them will find it interesting. I know my sister-in-laws will want readings.

Dianne :)

Kaleidoscope Eyes

Though I used to live in the city for many years, and it wasn't a big deal, nowadays I live in a small-but-growing town about 20 miles out, and I've decided the best policy is silence. I don't even speak about it to my oldest friends, but that's mostly because I know Tarot isn't part of their world, and though they'd *never* judge me for it, they'd also never relate. So why bring it up?

There is a girl at work who knows a thing or two about Tarot, and once in a while it'll come up in conversation, but that's about it. There used to be another there, too, and we'd have some great talks... but she went away. :(

My closest ladyfriend, J., despite a Roman Catholic background, does tend to show a remarkable interest, mainly because she sees *I'm* so interested. She's the only one I ever really talk to about these things, and more often than not, she'll ask me, "So what card did you draw today?"

But she knows, as well as I, that we both live in a very conservative area, and the good Methodists and Baptists, plus a Catholic or two -- many of whom we personally know -- just might not be able to fathom an "occultist" in their midst. As it is, these folks know me and like me just fine, and vice versa, and therefore I'd just as soon not upset the proverbial applecart, y'know?

Besides, I've got the Aeclectic community. What more does one really need?


That's an excellent point. Although I have few people to chat with about tarot, the acquaintances I've made on this board have affected me deeply.

There are actually people who have the same interests as me!! I thought I was some lone whacko for a while.

Wamest Regards,

Gary, the scallawag whacko


Peoples stories are so interesting!

All my friends know I read tarot and I do readings for them quite regularly.

My family are Athiests and although my mum has often said during my youth that I was free to choose religion if I want... I think she was refering to Christianity... She has no concept of anything even remotely occult and to think her son is involved! Like Divinerguy said - not worth the hassle.

As for work, I don't say anything unless it comes up in conversation... I don't need there judgement. Perhaps it is different for a man interested in Tarot...

Ironically, I have told my family that I am gay but we don't talk about that much either...

:cool: K


I am totally out of the closet. Have been for years. My Mum knows how deeply involved I am with Tarot, and fully respects it, but she does despair sometimes whenever I bring home a new deck, She is even okay with my 10 year old sister looking at my decks, and learning a bit about Tarot. My Dad knows I study Tarot, but that's it. He doesnt really mention it, or say anything, so I guess he's okay with it too. But then, he's neutral on most things.

My Grandparents know too, and I even gave my Grandad a reading once, which was cool. All my friends know,and some are more interested in me reading for them than others. And most people in sixth form who don't really know me also know, cuz I've done quite a few readings for people in school. Surprisingly, nobody (Except for one teacher) has said anything bad about it!

Anyway, I've written too much!