Aries full moon cycle etc.


I find that all of the reflections on the Maat tarot speak well to me. But what I keep having a difficult time wrapping my mind around is that all of the Zodiac signs are in the opposite place in this system. Instead of Aries being the Cardinal first sign and the beginning of spring, here it's the first sign, but the beginning of autumn and the lessening of light. I wonder how it would have worked if done traditionally. So I find it's better for me just to use the card with its meaning in this deck and not try to make sense of it astrologically. It is true that in astrologically, the moon zodiac change every two days. Therefore, in this sense moons move through the zodiac throughout the year.


Getting in touch with the Full Moon of the Month

Hi Dan,
I understand your confusion. First off let me say you do not have to
let go of anything of your sun sign astrology knowledge with this deck.
It will be an asset to you in fact.
What I have focused on with MAAT is bringing the Full Moon into focus.
The month is in fact about the moon in its origin.

Here is a simple rule of thumb. Whatever sign the sun is in the full moon will occur in the opposite sign. This is at the heart of MAAT Tarot. Give the month back to the moon. The Sun has the 8 cross-quarter days and its own cycle of waxing and waning light. This is a new(or old ;-)) way of structuring time.

The moon will actually flow seamlessly through the entire zodiac in one months time. Here is what is interesting...There are 7 days from new to first quarter, 7 days from first quarter to full. 7 days from full to last quarter and 7 days from last quarter to new. The basis for the structure of our modern week. The notable thing that happens is this. If the moon is full in a fixed sign all the phases will land in the fixed signs. The new moon will always align in the same sign as the sun sign.

Another thing to think about is the ruling planet of the sun sign still applies.
When you go through and look at this I think you will find new clarity. Apply the classic astrological key phrases with the moon sign and see how it feels with the traditional ruling planet.

The MAAT Tarot utilizes of recognizes this ancient way of keeping time. Don't get too caught up in the elements associated with the season of the year-in regard to individual cards. Fire is for Autumn etc. Just know that the Swords align with this element due to their strong nature. Swords are dangerous fire is dangerous and yet if utilized with care can be a tool for survival. The Sword suit in this deck deals with burning emotion and things that strike us to our core. Life and death issues. This powerful suit also is what gives life its value and why it should
be viewed as precious and fragile. And yet it also teaches us to use our love for each other as a tool to see in the darkness.