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I can't say I'd exactly expect Ciro to understand - and therefore to be able to explain - the rest of it in detail. Just as I wouldn't expect the highly skilled person who manufactures specialist spare parts to be able to put them in my car when they are needed. I THINK that is a fair analogy - Ciro ?

Its worse than that, I don't even know how to use the TV remote. I'm a one trick Pony in terms of technology...Photoshop and a little animation... Thats it.


So you couldn't begin to explain what the whole project is, and it is basically unfair to ask you. Your art work is a big part of it - but the fancy bodywork won't do a thing without the engine.

We need Marcus or Tali to show up if they want the doubtful people to know enough to back it. Both are members here, so they have that option !


I have no idea whether they are members or not. But Kickstarter is common platform now, and the page related to this project is pretty lengthy not just in what it promotes in terms of offers and discounts, but in explanations and video sample etc etc. So the info is out there.

To be honest I personally think its too much info and in fact backfired because most people probably don't bother to read it all. Those who are interest and curious go for it pretty much no questions asked. and others just get overwhelmed, assume its just a video game or another app and move on.

But to be fair their social media membership is quite extensive and even though the funding goals were reach, they were quite honest in asking that membership as to why only a relative small percentage had committed, and asked what they could do to make it more appealing. It seems a number of people indicated they were still unclear as to what it all was. I agree thats quite a legitimate response. But its not because they are hiding back on info, its because much of the future functionality is new and hard to explain in words when there is no precedent for it, at least not in the tarot world or in its entirety especially, features like the augmented reality.

Its part forum, part community participation, part learning, part reference library, part reading services, part role play, part eye candy, part virtual real estate for other to use to promote their own tarot services.....and a whole bunch of other stuff further down the line which I don't understand yet, but when i do i'll try and make it "pretty"


The Arkartia project has passed its funding goal, and indeed covered additional stretch goals. Including this novel way to teach tarot or present spreads via the stage performances of cut out characters from Pamelas Smiths early deck. The brief example here demonstrates how these sequences will reflect the simplicity of movement of those vintage children's theatre rather than using slick contemporary animation techniques. Apparently Pamela Smith did illustrations for such card cut out theatres in her earlier years, so there is a conceptual and well as visual connection and hopefully one that she would have approved of....


sorry but what IS the akartia ?
its map and you can enter differens rooms and in the rooms are gated spreads ?

anyone could explain it to me ?


If you visit the Arkartia Kickstarter page and scroll down, there is an extensive explanation.


done that. seen the vidios (but most videos was mostly great images not explanaitions )
didnt understand everything (dont play online games or rollplaying games)


I don't play such games either, to be honest. Although I have produced illustrations for some in the past.

Initially you said you didn't know what it is, but now think it's a role playing game, I guess that's certainly one way to describe some aspects of this project , but not all. I could try to explain it a little more, but I've already done that on previous posts as best I can and I think thats been done on the site as best and as comprehensible as possible. But it's difficult to be that precise describing some features that are merely concepts at this point, but can be developed now that funding is available. So while I can appreciate that there might still be some lack of clarity, you sound pretty emphatic that whatever it's is, it's not for you, which is fair enough. Fortunately enough other people were willing to support it either because they understood enough to like the idea, or just curious enough and wanted to help make it happen.