Arkartia Site Kickstarter


I would never claim to have fully understood the concept, but from watching the videos and reading the description, I think gated spreads are an interactive way to experience Tarot. Not really an RPG, more an online pathway, illustrated beautifully by Ciro, guiding you through gates. Which gates you will pass through seems to be determined by cards you choose or decisions you make. Like a spread where unfolds not all cards at once but you pass several pathways and choose your direction (or the cards choose your direction).

Furthermore, Arkartia seems to offer places to explore (means links to click), where you will find videos, places for exchange views/readings with others, guiding materials, etc., all wrapped in vidid CGI.

That’s what I expect, but I am well aware that the result of the project might be completely different. But isn’t this part of the excitement? Unfortunately I cannot afford more than the most basic pledge at the moment, but if I had the funds I would certainly choose the 1-year-membership option. I think this will be an ongoing journey and the site will expand over the time. So for anyone who wants to experience something new, this is surely a worthy investment.


That sums it up nicely thank you.

Ultimately this is an experiment of sort, not a precise engineering plan. A range of ideas that we can imaging in our heads. Many may change along the way, others may veer off in directions not yet foreseen, some may prove a popular success and other something that gets dropped .... In a years time it may be a wild success as early subscribers share their experience and encourage the participation of others, allowing it to continues to evolve and embrace more content and features. Or it could fall flat on its face and prove to be unsustainable through lack of interest. Who knows? Maybe if i was a good enough tarot reader I could do a spread on it.

If for whatever reason the sound of all this has no appeal, or the risk of the initial fund raising pledges too risky or out of your budget then thats fine. But if that is the case all i ask is at least give us some breathing space to try it before passing judgement.


A New Tarot Video

Hello Aeclectics

As a backer of the Arkartia campaign, I saw that they had done a video for the last 24 hours of the campaign which is really sweet ...

I like how they've sort-of re-created "The Hill of Hearts Desire" by Pamela Coleman-Smith as a 3d animation, it's neat.



thank you Linfang for the explination, just what i needed

cirom, Ihavent passed any judgment or been snarky in any way, it was just a simple question, and no .. I have not read all your posts in this forum,
just trying to understand what it is, whats for me or not is up to me to deside


One thing I haven't quite wrapped my head around is the royal versus wayfarer pledge- so if anyone can help- I'd appreciate it.

I like the idea of being able to communicate freely across realms- but perhaps the royal bit is more for people with their own sites/teaching and such? Not quite sure what all is entailed with that.

I'm excited to try it out at whatever level I choose- just waffling over which one. :p