Ars rhetorica....


I am posting here, because on Aecletic, this was my go-to sub forum over the years.
Here I learned much, Posted good and bad threads and answers....
So I think of Aristotle and quote what is Ars rhetorica?
"For interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary exchange of ideas in rhetorical theoretics, critical analytics and hermeneutics across all disciplines."

as Aristotle said.."History is philosophy teaching by example"
Thank you all for your gifts to me in this forum, may you all find a standing place on the Web.



Thank you for so many hours of gentle and creative investigation. i will miss the opportunity to hear your voice! You have been a major part of why Aeclectic has meant so much to me and to others!
Best of wishes always

Clay-Edward Dixon


Same to Rosanne and conversus as well.


Rosanne, conversus and Debra my thanks to all of you for interesting enriching posts sharing your thoughts and research


I will so miss your posts and seeing your avatar and name on the board.
You'll never how how much I learnt from you - it was a lot!
Thankyou so much Rosanne.


Where Does Virtue Lie?

"Out of the eater, something to eat..."

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 0

Has it ever struck you odd that, as all the other virtues’ iconic representations were shed from the tableaux of major triumphs, only 3 of the 4 Cardinal Virtues should remain? Sure, the theological virtues may have migrated into other cards as the Milan pattern morphed into the standard, but there is still that nagging question: why only 3 of those 4 ‘Pivotal’ Virtues?

They do pose a certain symmetry within the parade of Triumph, if the Fool is either first and last, or not at all:


VIII: Justice
XI: Fortitude
XIV: Temperance

For the sake of argument (and we’ve so little precious time for that), I propose that Prudence was never absent, but has rather masqueraded as Fool to impart an absurd punchline unto any who might recognize how the only true “Wisdom” lies in knowing “Nothing”.


"...out of the strong, something sweet."


I never thought to have this discussion at the eleventh hour.....
So of the top of my head,,,,,
"Let no one trust so entirely to natural prudence as to persuade himself that it will suffice to guide him without help from experience." Guicciardini or some other Italian :)
I guess I feel The Fool is looking for experience, not the embodiment of Prudence no matter how absurd and joyous.

Thanks for all your posts Yygdrasilian, mind bending as always.