Art Deco Tarot


Please join in -- the creation of a collaborative deck--->

PARTICIPANTS SO FAR (please indicate preferred cards: max one major & one suit)
patter [hermit--done; kinght of sword--in progress]
blue-fusion [death]
rota [high priestess--done]
temperlyne [knight of cups; temperance-in progress]
fanci [star--done]
insomnia turtle
juice [tower]
Eissej [magician--done; 2 of cups]
Mari H. [Sun, Queen of swords, moon]

Art Deco pack.
grey scale or b/w
2.5x4.375 inch dimension overall card

Still without my computer but a hand-done draft border is posted -- along with a not-so-good scan of the first card.


This looks like a very nice project!

I love the Hermitess- but I hope you will consider putting back all the circles that are in the draft card, they were really cool!



This sounds like an AWSOME deck!!! i can't wait to see it when its question though...could you use photographs (as long as they are in greyscale or black and white)?


Well, I don't want to speak for Patter, but.... I *have* seen some photos that I think qualify as Deco. I can only imagine that a hard-edged, nearly abstract photo *would* be possible to take, and I can't see any real reason why you wouldn't be the photographer who could take those pictures.
Think Deco!


By the way, all: I'm working on my #2 Major. The HP for the Deco Deck is on its way.


photos sound fine to me. I should have a final verson of the border up for tomorrow -- sorry about the delay!


cool worries about about the border delay, its all gravy (good)....
good luck to all who are participating in this magnificent deck!! :D


I really like that this idea is actually taking shape! I love the border, very simple and effective.

Well I finally got the time to start working on my version of Temperance. This is a very bad scan of a not so good sketch... but I hope you're getting the idea of what I want with the card. I have to say that B/W turned out to be more difficult than I thought!
(What medium are the rest of you using? I tried pen and ink for this one.)

Oh and Patter... How am I supposed to send the image to you? So you might put it on the site as a card in process?


May I play too? I'd love to attepmt the magician.


to: temperlyn

i love your card!!! :D
the pen and ink looks really nice. i can't wait to see the rest of the deck!