As You Wish Tarot Spread


This spread was inspired by dandelions once they've gone to seed.


1. Walking through a beautiful meadow, you come upon a dandelion that has gone to seed. You pluck the stem, close your eyes, and make a wish; This card represents your wish.
2. You take a deep breath and blow, sending the seed soaring through the air; This card represents the forces that are helping your wish.
3. The seed falls gently, landing on the fertile soil; This card represents the foundation your wish has to build upon.
4. The summer rains feed your seed, and help it to reach its fullest potential; This card shows what you can do to help your wish grow.
5. The seed grows into a beautiful dandelion; This shows what your wish will become.
6. The dandelion then turns to seed; This shows the potential that will be built from this wish, such as new wishes.


Oh, this one seems perfect to add to my notebook and use with my Mystic Faerie deck! It has the same feeling as the spreads in the booklet. Thank you! :D


Cool Spread. I will have to try it out ... I like the peaceful feeling of it when i read it. Its a nice positive spin.


As soon as I saw the title of this post, I had a feeling this was going to be a good spread for me. And then, as soon as I read, "Dandelions," my heart leaped. Earlier this week, I had a dream like this - walking through a meadow full of dandelions, about to make a wish. I knew the dream had to do with being careful (considerate) about what I wish for. I am so appreciative of this spread you've shared. This is going to help me, I'm sure. Thank you so much!

I especially like how the 6th card expands on the results of the 5th card; showing how things may weave together in the long term. Love the image of a dandelion for this, perfect in so many ways.


I remember my grandmother taking a big pot and a big slotted spoon outside and digging up dandelion greens for dinner. This spread is a wonderful idea and thank you so much for sharing it. I'll be giving it a try for sure!


I love the idea of this spread! I'm gonna try it tonight! Thanks

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