ascending pyramid spread


I like this spread I made up two nights ago. It can be used for a general "what's going on" reading or for a specific question. Self forms the center axis because it's ultimately your actions and choices that the future develops from, and I'm really the only one that can get me to climb to the top, no?

- - 9 - -
7 - 6 - 8
2 3 1 4 5

1 = self
2 3 = supporting forces/allies
4 5 = opposing forces/enemies
6 = how i can help myself
7 = how allies can help me
8 = how opposing forces might hinder me
9 = near future (general reading) or likely outcome (specific situation read for)

First reading I did w/ this spread, as an example : here.


I tried it.

So I tried the spread for the first time last night and thought it was pretty accurate. I would have to say that I wanted an overview of where I am in life, and well it gave me some important insight. Thanks for sharing this!