I've been reading about Ascension.

Could someone explain how we know when we actual have went
through an ascension and it's over.

I understand what it is but don't feel I really do.

I feel eyesight, menopause, stress etc. can feel the same as
ascension symptoms, how do we tell the difference when it's over and
know it's ascension and not just a fix from stress on the body? Moving forward
from the past also brings relief and could feel like ascension.

Ascension, is it spiritual or physical or mentally,
balancing it all together or...
"What really is it?"



I confess, I had to go Google what Ascension was and agree with you, all those symptoms can be explained away with common reasons.

Do you believe there is an Ascension process going on in the world right now? Where would you be ascending to? A lot of this seems like new-age hype. We've screwed up our own back yard and now want to be magically lifted out of it all with no consequence to ourselves. Unfortunately, I fear that the reality is much more down to earth. We will have to live with the consequences of human nature and centuries of pollution, greed, waste and abuse of the Earth we live upon.

Sick people don't ascend and magically have all their wishes come true, they have to work out what the problem is and fix it. Sometimes that is as clear and simple as acknowledging they have a problem for life (permanent disability) not of their own making but still they have to live with it, like the Earth has to live with the consequences of human activity. Sickness is a good indicator that something requires action and can be an invitation to a spiritual awakening but the word 'Ascension' makes it sound like there is a separation between the rest of you mere mortals and ME, the ascended one who (though I don't know why I am so special) somehow was chosen to leave all this mundane stuff behind to live in some higher plane of existence.

One site I visited had this:

During my comunicating with God, He spoke of what is happening to the planet and why things are happening as they should. He said that we need to release old patterns and behaviours in ascension 2007)

So God is a definite male entity from the Abrahamic stable of thought (even though all Abrahamic religions believe that God cannot speak to humans directly hence there are Angels as messengers). What about all the other humans who don't believe in a male god?

Releasing old patterns and behaviours - hmmm, patterns of what? Good or bad behaviour (and how do you judge)?

Time for a pinch of salt I say.