Asherah Tarot


I like most of what I've seen of the major arcana, but I'll need to see the minor arcana before I can make a decision on them. Thanks for sharing, though, this is the first I've heard of this deck.


This deck is the creation of AT member salamandrine, and was formerly known as the Sarah Magdalene Tarot. This are her old thread and her newer one in the Tarot Creation forums. There are links in those threads where you can see at least some of the minors.

Rose Lalonde

Asherah Tarot release this month!

The deck is complete, and the large (3.5 x 5.5", borderless) first ed. will be released at thegamecrafter June 24!

A poker size is planned for end of the year.

It's been a long road for the artist. I've enjoyed seeing cards posts on her site and facebook.

The art is original, with a strong emphasis on nature, "the living planet". Meanings should still be familiar to Thoth and RWS readers though.


I'm very interested in this deck - every card I clicked on I nodded at as there was so much to love in it! Glad it's going on Gamecrafter - I already have a wishlist on there and intend to have a splurge as soon as I can afford it!


Woohooo! Ordered- and with this one I may just cancel the Star tarot as this fits the bill perfectly!


I think I want both - funny that I was reminded of the Star Tarot, too! They both have this detailed, psychedelic style. A bit like Marijke Koger - I have always regretted that there is no Koger Tarot.

Very interesting deck, thank you for the links! I must have been wonderful to see it grow. I like her colour choices and symbolism. Personal but close enough to tradition to be readable. I'm sure they're great for meditation or to put on a mini easel as "keyword speaker" for the day.