askahsic reading for feadback


I am trying out a different reading approach today..

how I will work is I will attempt to reach the ashkashic records with the tarot for you.!

so pm me you age, sex, sexual preferences
and reply with a question.

usually the ashkashic records deal with life purpose aka perhaps gifts. . higher meaning and past lives.

I will give feedback to the feedback so you have to give feedback twice.
I will check again later.
edited 2 weeks later for last reading of my atf career

1. no feedback required
2. any question answered , tell me about alien , inner child, my guides,
can the records connect me with the soul of my departed (medium reading with the tarot)
3. pm me the personal question, history , sex, age.

I plan to do a reading, or two a day until the 13. (hence no feedback is required for I won't be giving any feedback to your feedback like I used to). note I go to town on the 7. so won't be any reading that day.


can I sit? I will send you a pm now?

I want to know how f feels about me?


Oh this is interesting! I'd love to sit for a general/love focus if you'll have me. I'll Pm the info!


Hi Holmes
Me please.
With regards to my life professional purpose and gift I'm here for....what will I achieve in this life time? what I'm here to give and share through my work?
I've had considerable challenges throughout my life in this area, what past life karma is it that is blocking my progress??

*PM sent : )



I'd love to sit for this please Holmes, I will message you my details and leave my q here soon...thank you :)


I would like to sit and have sent you a message with the details.

I would like to know about my life purpose please (future) related to career.


Hi Holmes,

I would like to sit, I would love a general reading on this :)


I'll sit. :)

Who's my next romantic soul mate?

Thank you.


Hi Holmes,

I'd love to know what is coming up for me in terms of romance?


Now this sounds fascinating - not something I have ever felt I could reach for, but wow!

If you still have places, I would love to understand more about my purpose now that we have come to this special place?
I will PM you.
Bless you