Asked for a Helper...


This is too funny! I was about to begin a very creative project, cutting and sewing material, and asked my fae if someone wanted to help me! As I was shuffling, one sort of popped up, and remembering what others here have described, I pulled that one...

It was The Maiden! She was perfect! Just like a little girl, eager to draw, cut and paste! :D


I still (after years with my fae) find it amazing how they always know... I shouldn't and yet I am glad that I do...

She is perfect for you, ready to begin and grow... just like your project.


You just have to love the faerie experiences. They can and usually are so subtle, but they are messages. Have fun with the Maiden and your project!


Well my project is just so funny tonight, because the very *person(s)* that I referred to, came to the establishment, sitting behind us!! (Like, touch shoulders, say hello, sit a while, nice to see ya, buy-you-a-drink, come-on-over-but never get invited type!)

But what's IRONIC, is that prior to their arrival, *I,* for some reason, decided to change chairs. Why did I suddenly change chairs? (Something told me to change chairs to get a 'better view' of the game.) Normally I could give a rat's behind about hockey.

But MINUTES LATER, in walked The Family whom I had detested earlier, all seated BEHIND ME!


They were OUT OF MY VISION and, therefore, out of my mind!



I'm still, like, WOW!!!!