Assign the Masses


Another song-based spread from me, but here's the kicker; no lyrics. Okay unless you count a barely audible, whispering, depressed robot here and there...

It's a basic instrumental song, wobbling yet mellow bass, and just a generally meloncholy sound. The song is about the things that make you scared and alone, and the things you may do as consequence to that.

Assign the Masses- Damn Alchemy

Card One; The Cause. "Words cannot describe how alone I feel."
----What is driving you to this point? This spread can be used more specifically for emotional issues, physical issues, even spiritual issues. You know somethings wrong, you just don't know WHY.

Card Two; The Consequence. "Don't leave me like this."
----What are you so afraid of happening, or in some cases what HAS happened because of this feeling or situation? What unhealthy vices or consequences could arise or have arised?

Card Three; The Cure. "I don't want to be like this."
----What can be done to fight this feeling? Basically an advice card.

Lemme know if this helps. If you need a video to hear the song, lemme know and I'll post a link. -KM

Astraea Aurora

I don't know the song but your spread looks fabulous and very versatile. Thanks for posting! And keep up the good work.

Astraea Aurora :grin: