Astrological Associations - Aquarius 11 - 20 Degrees


Aquarius is associated with the Star. It's ruled by Uranus, which is associated with the Fool. The second decan of Aquarius is the 6 Swords (Mercury in Aquarius), which is associated with the Prince Swords.

The Fool represents naivety, innocence and optimism that is unaffected by past events. The Star represents optimism and the kind of hope that allows one to stand tall in the face of adversity.

Fool/Prince Swords
The Fool suggests a person who lives in his own mind and whose experiences are interpreted to fit his world view. The Prince's mind is his strongest weapon, but he lacks the ability to make practical use of his skills.

Fool/6 Swords
The Fool represents new beginnings. The 6 suggests a journey that may be necessary in order to leave one's troubles behind. The Fool also represents one who searches for knowledge. The 6 also represents a search for solutions.

Star/Prince Swords
The Star represents clarity of thoughts after a period of confusion. The Prince is full of thoughts and ideas, but is unable to make them manifest due to a lack of desire.

Star/6 Swords
The Star represents the promise of a brighter future. The 6 represents an escape from a position of imminent danger.

Prince Swords/6 Swords
The Prince represents someone who passively searches for solutions by using their mind. The 6 represents an active search for a solution to one's problem.