Astrological Associations - Aries 0-10 Degrees


Aries is represented by the Emperor. Aries is ruled by Mars, which is represented by the Tower. The Queen Wands is associated with the first decan of Aries, which is the 2 Wands (Mars in Aries).

Tower moments play an important role throughout the Emperor's reign. The death/assassination/dethroning of the Old Emperor, the current Emperor's own death/assassination/dethroning and attempted coups and assassinations are all Tower-like moments that the Emperor must endure.

Tower/Queen Wands
Tower-like moments often throw the people who experience them for a loop. But by her nature, the Queen is able to adapt to Tower-like moments, although she might be irritated by them.

Tower/2 Wands
The 2 represents someone who has achieved the position and power that they wanted. Then they experience their Tower moment when they discover that the position isn't as fulfilling as they thought it would be and that the power they wield carries with it responsibilities for which they weren't prepared.

Emperor/Queen Wands
The Queen represents the adaptability that the Emperor must have in order to be a successful ruler. Fearlessness, courage, power, vitality and energy are other aspects of the Emperor that the Queen embodies.

Emperor/2 Wands
The 2 represents the Emperor's power, strength, authority and dominion.

Queen Wands/2 Wands
The 2 would benefit from some of the Queen's calmness and practicality in order to be successful in his position.