Astrological Associations - Aries 11-20 Degrees


Aries is represented by the Emperor. Aries is ruled by Mars, which is represented by the Tower. The second decan of Aries is the 3 Wands (Sun in Aries), which is associated with the Queen Wands.

Tower moments play an important role throughout the Emperor's reign. The death/assassination/dethroning of the Old Emperor, the current Emperor's own death/assassination/dethroning and attempted coups and assassinations are all Tower-like moments that the Emperor must endure.

Tower/Queen Wands
Tower-like moments often throw the people who experience them for a loop. But by her nature, the Queen is able to adapt to Tower-like moments, although she might be irritated by them.

Tower/3 Wands
The Tower provides the "Aha!!!" moment that propels the man in the 3 to move from planning/inaction to action.

Emperor/Queen Wands
The Queen represents the adaptability that the Emperor must have in order to be a successful ruler. Fearlessness, courage, power, vitality and energy are other aspects of the Emperor that the Queen embodies.

Emperor/3 Wands
The 3 represents the Emperor's virility and the clarity, reason and wisdom he needs in oder to effectively rule.

Queen Wands/3 Wands
The Queen provides balanced energy, fearlessness and knowledge to the man in the 3, allowing him to complete his preparations so that the action can begin.