Astrological Associations - Aries 21-30 Degrees


Aries is represented by the Emperor. Aries is ruled by Mars, which is represented by the Tower. The third decan of Aries is represented by the 4 Wands (Venus in Aries), which is associated with the Prince Disks.

Tower moments play an important role throughout the Emperor's reign. The death/assassination/dethroning of the Old Emperor, the current Emperor's own death/assassination/dethroning and attempted coups and assassinations are all Tower-like moments that the Emperor must endure.

Tower/Prince Disks
The Prince works at his own pace until the Tower throws some unexpected setback his way.

Tower/4 Wands
The Tower suggests that the work that was completed in the 4 was built upon ill-conceived foundations. Conversely, any efforts undertaken in the 4 must be based on a firm foundation to be able to withstand the destruction represented by the Tower.

Emperor/Prince Disks
The Prince represents some of the Emperor's nascent qualities - at this point he's not comfortable wielding the powers of the Emperor and he's somewhat introverted where the Emperor is an extrovert. Also, like the Emperor, he's logical and rational and reacts to problems as they arise.

Emperor/4 Wands
The 4 echoes the completion of things that the Emperor has built up through trouble and labor. The 4 also reflects the Emperor's reasoning and conclusions that the Emperor has drawn from previous experience.

Prince Disks/4 Wands
The Prince suggests that the completion shown in the 4 will occur slowly but that the end results will be worth the extra time and effort.