Astrological Associations - Cancer 11-20 Degrees


Cancer is associated with the Chariot. It's ruled by the Moon, which is associated with the High Priestess. The first decan of Cancer is the 3 Cups (Mercury in Cancer), which is associated with the Queen Cups.

High Priestess/Chariot
The High Priestess represents both that which is secret or hidden from oneself and the subconscious mind that governs instinct and intuition. Her rulership over the Chariot suggests the role of one's subconscious in the actions that one takes. The High Priestess' secret knowledge isn't available to the charioteer, whose actions and successes are on the physical plain.

High Priestess/Queen Cups
The High Priestess represents instincts, intuition and insight. The Queen has complete confidence in her instincts.

High Priestess/3 Cups
The High Priestess can represent carnal knowledge (the pomegranates at her feet). The 3 also suggests impending carnal knowledge between the man (who holds a pomegranate) and at least one of the women.

Chariot/Queen Cups
The Chariot is a water card in which there is no water, suggesting there is a disconnect between intuition and emotions. The charioteer is very logical while the Queen is well in touch with her intuitive side.

Chariot/3 Cups
The charioteer has passed through the trials of the physical and rational worlds. One of those trials is the temptation to do wrong to someone else, which is represented by the 3.

Queen Cups/3 Cups
The calm waters around the Queen reflect her peacefulness and serenity. The scene depicted in the 3 is currently peaceful and serene - three people relaxing by the pool on a still, clear night.