Astrological Associations - Cancer 21-30 Degrees


Cancer is associated with the Chariot. It's ruled by the Moon, which is associated with the High Priestess. The third decan of Cancer is the 4 Cups (Moon in Cancer), which is associated with the Prince Wands.

High Priestess/Chariot
The High Priestess represents both that which is secret or hidden from oneself and the subconscious mind that governs instinct and intuition. Her rulership over the Chariot suggests the role of one's subconscious in the actions that one takes. The High Priestess' secret knowledge isn't available to the charioteer, whose actions and successes are on the physical plain.

High Priestess/Prince Wands
The High Priestess holds secret knowledge and wisdom. The Prince immerses himself in fire in a bid to gain illumination and knowledge.

High Priestess/4 Cups
The High Priestess holds secret knowledge. The 4 represents a search for knowledge in the bottom of a cup.

Chariot/Prince Wands
The Prince and charioteer share the same ability - both can control their animals through the sheer force of their will since there are no reins present in either card.

Chariot/4 Cups
The Chariot represents self-control. The woman in the 4 appears to be out of control as far as her drinking goes.

Prince Wands/4 Cups
The Prince's chariot is immersed in the fire as if he were gaining illumination from it. The woman may be looking for her illumination from the four cups from which she will drink.