Astrological Associations - Capricorn 0 - 10 Degrees


Capricorn is associated with the Devil. It's ruled by Saturn, which is associated with the World. The first decan of Capricorn is the 2 Disks (Jupiter in Capricorn), which is associated with the Queen Disks.

The World represents the attainment of harmony. The Devil represents the need to suppress one's animal instincts and to control one's harmful tendencies - doing so will make the attainment of harmony a possibility.

World/Queen Disks
The World suggests a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. The Queen is someone who loves the comforts and luxuries of life, which provide her with the satisfaction and fulfillment suggested by the World.

World/2 Disks
The World can represent the end of an era. The 2 represents continuity or wealth that is passed down through the ages.

Devil/Queen Disks
The Devil represents those things to which one can become addicted. The Queen may have a predisposition towards addiction to food, drink or drugs.

Devil/2 Disks
The Devil can represent being a control freak. The 2 can represent juggling so many things at once (because one can't or won't delegate) that one is spread too thin.

Queen Disks/2 Disks
The Queen is a hard-working woman. The 2 shows the hard work involved when learning to master a new skill.