Astrological Associations - Capricorn 21 - 30 Degrees


Capricorn is associated with the Devil. It's ruled by Saturn, which is associated with the World. The third decan of Capricorn is the 4 Disks (Sun in Capricorn), which is associated with the Prince Swords.

The World represents the attainment of harmony. The Devil represents the need to suppress one's animal instincts and to control one's harmful tendencies - doing so will make the attainment of harmony a possibility.

World/Prince Swords
The World represents satisfaction and fulfillment. The Prince represents joy in the process of creative thought to the extent that one never acts on the thoughts.

World/4 Disks
The World represents the infinite. The 4 represents planning for the immediate/short-term future.

Devil/Prince Swords
The Devil represents a bondage of one's own making. The Prince represents a lack of desire to move past the thinking stage to action because of the pleasure one gets from the thought process.

Devil/4 Disks
The Devil suggests materialism. The 4 shows a positive aspect of materialism - planning for the future.

Prince Swords/4 Disks
The Prince represents thought without action. The 4 shows thoughts turned into (positive) actions.