Astrological Associations - Leo 11-20 Degrees


Leo is associated with Strength. It's ruled by the Sun, which is associated with the Sun. The second decan of Leo is the 6 Wands (Jupiter in Leo), which is associated with the Prince Wands.

The Sun represents illumination and knowledge. Strength represents control over the baser instincts, passions and emotions so that one can become open to the illumination of the Sun.

Sun/Prince Wands
The Sun dispels darkness and promotes clear thinking and illumination. The Prince finds himself surrounded by darkness (ignorance) as he immerses himself and his chariot in fire.

Sun/6 Wands
The Sun represents happiness, success and prosperity. The 6 represents victory and prosperity that is possible when there is no war.

Strength/Prince Wands
The lion ties together Strength and the Prince. In Strength, the lion represents control over potentially destructive power. In the Prince the lion appears to be a protector or guardian.

Strength/6 Wands
Strength represents the courage and fortitude needed to overcome difficulties. The 6 represents difficulties that have been overcome.

Prince Wands/6 Wands
The presence of the lion on both cards suggests courage, power, vitality and energy. In the case of the Prince. these traits are present before the battle. In the case of the 6, these traits were needed to win the battle.