Astrological Associations - Leo 21-30 Degrees


Leo is associated with Strength. It's ruled by the Sun, which is associated with the Sun. The third decan of Leo is the 7 Wands (Mars in Leo), which is associated with the King Disks.

The Sun represents illumination and knowledge. Strength represents control over the baser instincts, passions and emotions so that one can become open to the illumination of the Sun.

Sun/King Disks
The Sun represents riches and wealth. The King also represents riches and wealth. The Sun also represents a time of good fortune and prosperity. The ornately decorated temple and rich crop of wheat suggest a time of prosperity in the King's reign.

Sun/7 Wands
Set's presence on the wall in the background of the Sun suggests that for some, success is only possible after a period of struggle and adversity. The 7 shows just such a situation of struggle, with the underlying implication that if one is courageous, one will be successful.

Strength/King Disks
Strength represents the passing from the rashness of youth into maturity. The King represents someone who is practical, methodical and slow in his deliberation as opposed to impractical, haphazard and rash.

Strength/7 Wands
Strength represents the ability to overcome difficulties through courage and fortitude. The 7 represents a situation where courage and fortitude are needed to overcome a difficult situation.

King Disks/7 Wands
The King is slow to anger, but unforgiving to those who cause him injury. The 7 shows someone who has been pushed to the brink (both literally and figuratively) and who now fights back.