Astrological Associations - Libra 11-20 Degrees


Libra is associated with Justice. It's ruled by Venus, which is associated with the Empress. The second decan of Libra is the 3 Swords (Saturn in Libra), which is associated with the Queen Swords.

The Empress represents the passing from one state to another (usually around birth and rebirth). Justice represents the passing from one state to another in the realm of life to death where in death one reaps what one has sown in life and is judged accordingly.

Empress/Queen Swords
The Empress is independent of the Emperor, who needs her more than she needs him. The Queen Swords is an independent and self-reliant woman.

Empress/3 Swords
The doorway ties the two cards together. In the Empress, the doorway represents hope and opportunity as the Empress is the door through which the next generation passes. In the 3, the doorway represents escape from a bad situation and/or entrance into a new life and an opportunity.

Justice/Queen Swords
Justice represents the balance of opposites within oneself that determine one's fate in the afterlife. The Queen represents a balance between overly analytical and exhibiting child-like exuberance. Justice also symbolizes a balanced mind that's capable of logical and rational thought. The Queen also represents one who is able to interpret the subtleties of meaning and intent.

Justice/3 Swords
Justice represents action/reaction and cause/effect. The 3 represents sorrow that will become celebration and conflict that is necessary for future happiness.

Queen Swords/3 Swords
The Queen is capable of resolving the disagreements and differences of others. The 3 reflects a disagreement/difference that needs resolution.