Astrological Associations - Libra 21-30 Degrees


Libra is associated with Justice. It's ruled by Venus, which is associated with the Empress. The third decan of Libra is the 4 Swords (Jupiter in Libra), which is associated with the Prince Cups.

The Empress represents the passing from one state to another (usually around birth and rebirth). Justice represents the passing from one state to another in the realm of life to death where in death one reaps what one has sown in life and is judged accordingly.

Empress/Prince Cups
The Empress is someone who responds with compassion and understanding. The Prince keeps his emotions, which are strong, simmering just under the surface.

Empress/4 Cups
The Empress sits in a walled garden, suggesting the protective enclosure of the womb. In the 4, the soldiers sit outside the walled city into which the army marches, suggesting that the walls aren't providing protection to the inhabitants of the city.

Justice/Prince Cups
Justice represents the reaping of what one has sown, the reaction to an action and cause followed by effect. The Prince represents self-interest that leads to a lack of conscience and eventually to the distrust of others - in other words, the cause and effect of Justice.

Justice/4 Swords
Justice suggests doing what is the right thing to do. The 4 suggests a peace that may have been forced upon opposing factions or those who would be happy with an easy settlement to a dispute instead of standing up for truth and justice.

Prince Cups/4 Swords
The Prince suggests that appearances may be deceiving - he appears to accept other people's ideas, but secretly uses them to further his own ambitions. The soldiers in the 4 appear to be going along with the enforced truce, but are they actually plotting a way to renew the fighting?