Astrological Associations - Pisces 21 - 30 Degrees


Pisces is associated with the Moon. It's ruled by Neptune, which is associated with the Hanged Man. The third decan of Pisces is the 10 Cups (Mars in Pisces), which is associated with the Queen Wands.

Hanged Man/Moon
The Hanged Man represents a period of thought or meditation. The Moon suggests a period of introspection or reflective thought.

Hanged Man/Queen Wands
The Hanged Man represents self-sacrifice as a necessary step in one's own personal progress. The Queen's self-sacrifice is for the purpose of seeking illumination or truth.

Hanged Man/10 Cups
The Hanged Man represents sacrifice for a belief or ideal. The 10 represents being satisfied with one's place in the world.

Moon/Queen Wands
The Moon is a warning to avoid illusion and delusion. As the Queen searches for knowledge and enlightenment, the Moon's influence provides the warning to make sure that what she finds is true.

Moon/10 Cups
The Moon represents a period of introspection and reflective thought. The 10 represents living for the present without thoughts of the past or worries about the future.

Queen Wands/10 Cups
The Queen is a good friend. The 10 represents success in love and relationships.