Astrological Associations - Sagittarius 11 - 20 Degrees


Sagittarius is associated with Temperance. It's ruled by Jupiter, which is associated with the Wheel of Fortune. The second decan of Sagittarius is the 9 Wands (Moon in Sagittarius), which is associated with the King Wands.

Wheel of Fortune/Temperance
The Wheel of Fortune deals with manifestation and change that destroys what it creates. Temperance deals with the union of elements into a new whole.

Wheel of Fortune/King Wands
The Wheel represents the unexpectedness of life - changes for the better or worse, fluctuations of fortune, etc. The King represents solutions that are startling (because they are unexpected) and even revolutionary.

Wheel of Fortune/9 Wands
The Wheel represents the start of a new cycle of events. The 9 represents a change in stability and the strength required to successfully achieve and secure that change.

Temperance/King Wands
Temperance deals with balance, harmony, moderation and co-operation. The King could use some of those qualities since he is unswerving in his actions and he finds it difficult to adjust his approach when circumstances change.

Temperance/9 Wands
Temperance represents cooperation. The 9 shows how working together leaves everyone in a position of strength.

King Wands/9 Wands
The King is a formidable opponent who is direct and unswerving in his actions. The 9 represents the establishment of a position of strength from which one can't be overthrown and from which opposition will always be defeated.