Astrological Associations - Sagittarius 21 - 30 Degrees


Sagittarius is associated with Temperance. It's ruled by Jupiter, which is associated with the Wheel of Fortune. The third decan of Sagittarius is the 10 Wands (Saturn in Sagittarius), which is associated with the Queen Disks.

Wheel of Fortune/Temperance
The Wheel of Fortune deals with manifestation and change that destroys what it creates. Temperance deals with the union of elements into a new whole.

Wheel of Fortune/Queen Disks
The Wheel suggests the ups and downs of life. The Queen enjoys the comforts and luxuries of life, but has a predisposition to weight problems, alcoholism or illicit drug use.

Wheel of Fortune/10 Wands
The Wheel suggests that present circumstances are built upon the foundation of past deeds. The 10 shows a desire to be released from the excessive burden of commitments that were made in the past.

Temperance/Queen Disks
Temperance represents the harmonious workings of the intellect and passions. The Queen relies more on her intuition than her intellect.

Temperance/10 Wands
Temperance suggests that there is a way out of present difficulties. The 10 suggests a loss of control over one's life or surroundings.

Queen Disks/10 Wands
The Queen is someone who has practical ambitions. The 10 shows a situation where one has taken on more responsibilities than one can successfully cope with.