Astrological Associations - Scorpio 11-20 Degrees


Scorpio is associated with Death. It's ruled by Pluto, which is associated with Judgement. The second decan of Scorpio is the 6 Cups (Sun in Scorpio), which is associated with the Prince Cups.

Both cards are about endings and transformation. Judgement is about a spiritual awakening or gaining a new lease on life. Death is an ending that leads to a new beginning or turning point.

Judgement/Prince Cups
Judgement represents an awakening that brings a new lease on life. Its influence over the Prince represents a change of heart to be made by the Prince - he'll become less self-centered and more interested in the welfare of his fellow man.

Judgement/6 Cups
Judgement is to be held accountable in the present for one's past actions. The 6 is to realize how the present is founded upon past events.

Death/Prince Cups
Death represents a change of thought or approach. Its influence over the Prince suggests that the Prince's qualities of ruthlessness and self-interest will soon undergo a change.

Death/6 Cups
Death marks the transition from one state to another. The 6 represents the memories of a former state of being.

Prince Cups/6 Cups
The Prince represents a lack of self-reflection. The 6 represents reflecting on past events.