Astrological Associations - Scorpio 21-30 Degrees


Scorpio is associated with Death. It's ruled by Pluto, which is associated with Judgement. The third decan of Scorpio is the 7 Cups (Venus in Scorpio), which is associated with the King Wands.

Both cards are about endings and transformation. Judgement is about a spiritual awakening or gaining a new lease on life. Death is an ending that leads to a new beginning or turning point.

Judgement/King Wands
Judgement represents a time for positive action and time to grasp opportunities while they're available. The King acts decisively, directly and unswervingly.

Judgement/7 Cups
Judgement represents the need to grasp opportunities while they're available. The 7 represents having too many choices and being unable to decide between them.

Death/King Wands
Death represents a change in circumstances. The King represents someone who has difficulty dealing with a change in circumstances.

Death/7 Cups
Death is a period of transformation. The 7 represents transformation that is based upon illusion and concealment.

King Wands/7 Cups
The King represents imaginative solutions. The 7 represents one who lives in the past and can't accept the reality of the present.