Astrological Associations - Taurus 0-10 Degrees


Taurus is represented by the Hierophant. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is represented by the Empress. The first decan of Taurus is the 5 Disks (Mercury in Taurus), which is associated with the Prince Disks.

As the Empress gives birth to the next generation of rulers, the Hierophant gives birth to the next generation of spiritual leaders.

Empress/Prince Disks
As Earth Mother, the Empress is the image of fertility. It comes naturally to her. The opposite is true of the Prince though. Instead of just planting a seed and watching it grow, he has to think the whole process through before he makes any move. But when he does make his move, it will be the right one.

Empress/5 Disks
The Empress represents fertility. The image in the 5 shows a lack of fertility.

Hierophant/Prince Disks
The bull ties together the Prince and the Hierophant through the suggestion of strength and fertility (both in the sense of siring offspring and in the sense of making things grow). The authority represented by the Hierophant is authority that the Prince will grow into.

Hierophant/5 Disks
The barrenness of the spirit and soul represented by the 5 is the realm of the Hierophant. The challenges and difficulties represented by the approaching storm are the types of situations for which one turns to the Hierophant for help and guidance. The temptations and evil represented by the snake can be avoided with the help of the Hierophant.

Prince Disks/5 Disks
Before he plants anything, the Prince thinks through his course of action with regard to planting, while the man in the 5 is too wrapped up in himself to give any thought to planting.