Astrological Associations - Virgo 0-10 Degrees


Virgo is associated with the Hermit. It's ruled by Mercury, which is associated with the Magician. The first decan of Virgo is the 8 Disks (Sun in Virgo), which is associated with the King Disks.

Both cards deal with journeys. The Magician represents the journey of divine will on its way to manifestation on the material plain. The Hermit represents the journey in search of wisdom.

Magician/King Disks
The Magician is the god of time, which suggests the seasons and cycles. The King shows the completion of the life-cycle of wheat, the harvest.

Magician/8 Disks
The Magician represents productive thought, creative ideas and the mind put to constructive use. The 8 shows the product of honest labor and making use of one's skills.

Hermit/King Disks
Wheat ties these two cards together. The Hermit's staff is an ear of wheat, which suggests fertility and can suggest the need to reap what one has sown. In the King, the wheat is in the process of being sown.

Hermit/8 Disks
The Hermit represents a solitary journey. The 8 represents a solitary pursuit.

King Disks/8 Disks
The King is practical, methodical and slow in his deliberations. The 8 represents the need to be methodical, patient and persevering while learning a new trade.