Astrological Associations - Virgo 11-20 Degrees


Virgo is associated with the Hermit. It's ruled by Mercury, which is associated with the Magician. The second decan of Virgo is the 9 Disks (Venus in Virgo), which is associated with the King Disks.

The Magician represents the journey of divine will on its way to manifestation on the material plain. The Hermit represents the journey in search of wisdom.

Magician/King Disks
The Magician is the god of time, which suggests the seasons and cycles. The King shows the completion of the life-cycle of wheat, the harvest.

Magician/9 Disks
The Magician represents a time of new opportunities or beginnings and new doors opening. Whether the young woman found the dishes or stashed them there herself, the 9 suggests they will provide her with a new opportunity or allow her to begin anew.

Hermit/King Disks
Wheat ties these two cards together. The Hermit's staff is an ear of wheat, which suggests fertility and can suggest the need to reap what one has sown. In the King, the wheat is in the process of being sown.

Hermit/9 Disks
The Hermit represents a time of withdrawal and isolation from others. Whether or not there are other people in the compound in the background of the card, the woman in the 9 appears to enjoy being isolated from others - there don't appear to be any neighbors and she crossed a river and climbed into the hills for some alone time.

King Disks/9 Disks
The King represents abundance in the form of the wheat harvest. The 9 represents abundance in the form of the gathered golden dishes.