Astrological Associations - Virgo 21-30 Degrees


Virgo is associated with the Hermit. It's ruled by the Mercury, which is associated with the Magician. The third decan of Virgo is the 10 Disks (Mercury in Virgo), which is associated with the Queen Swords.

The Magician represents the journey of divine will on its way to manifestation on the material plain. The Hermit represents the journey in search of wisdom.

Magician/Queen Swords
The Magician, as Thoth, was able to reunite Tefnut and Shu when she left him and was also able to find a way for Geb and Nuit to have children when Shu forbade them to do so. He didn't do either of those things for personal gain, but because they were the right thing to do. The Queen Swords is also capable of resolving the disagreements and differences of others, although she may do so because it also furthers her own desires.

Magician/10 Disks
The Magician represents the ability to plan things in such a way that they benefit everyone concerned. The 10 reflects this ability when applied to the material realm - what one has accumulated is enough to provide for one's family through many generations.

Hermit/Queen Swords
The Hermit can represent one's personal path to (self-)discovery. The Queen is secure enough within herself to follow her own path without concern to what others might think.

Hermit/10 Disks
The Hermit represents the foresight and wisdom that guides one along their path. The 10 represents the foresight and wisdom that allows one to accumulate wealth that can be used to provide for the generations of one's family.

Queen Swords/10 Disks
The Queen represents the power of the mind. The 10 shows wealth that will be passed down from generation to generation. The suggestion is that mental abilities will further the passing of wealth to future generations.