Attracting Certain Energies through Tarot Card Creation


I've come across on the Tarot-Deck_creation board (but can't find the thread) that many people who create their own cards have remarked that the energies of the card will become apparent during the process. For example, I think, while someone was creating their Empress card, the typical fruitful and abundant energy of the Empress began to manifest in his or her life. (Or something like that).

Plus, coloring or creating your own card is an often-recommended way of becoming more in tune with a card.

Well, if this is the case, what are your opinions about creating your own card for the purpose of attracting a particular energy into your life? For example, a person unlucky in love might do a Two of Cups, and pack it with every single of symbol of romantic love he can think of and hang it over his bed. Would this work? Or just some hocus-pocus?


From an experimenter....

I've done about three or four different versions of cards by the following:

1) Collaging
2) Painting
3) Writing concepts related to a card in one journal that day
4) Refining a design for group card projects
5) Writing up storylines to go with certain cards

The hocus pocus in doing a certain card is the "focus" that it gives to our minds and selves. Let's say the Two of Cups. Now to be fair, it is not only about romantic love, the card can be about agreement, comfort with polarity, maybe even compromise as well as attraction to ideas and people. It can be even about making a kinder attitude between one's inner and outer aspects, depending on the person who pulls the card.

Yes, there are books and essays out there where the author or artist will say it seemed magical to them how their eyes were opened and their awareness for the card concepts appeared in their lives. They are aware of a perception shift and gained from that perception. Whether it was confidence, sensitivity, a better mood or a friendlier welcome that would attract the 'energy' or make them more aware of opportunity, something within them also helped them to open up.

They also may have helped by... enrolling in a class where they met different people, got a good haircut or change of style, came back from vacation, changed their job...or adopted a new attitude because they revised their expectations to not scowl at everyone before their first shot of caffine in the morning.

If I wanted a two of cups kind of day, I might try a little of all the above...and also design a card loaded with all the symbols that I want to attract!

Hope that helps...take care!

Cerulean Mari


Like not only draws to like--when you're focused on something then suddenly you start seeing it all around you. So focusing on the one card basically opens you up to closer observences, you'll become more in tune with what's around you & notice things you didn't before.

Give it a try! I can't see how it could go wrong for you.


Energies abound...

As I see it, Art is one of the highest forms of Majick. You bring up a very interesting line of thought here.

Tarot is used in spellwork. So why not the act of creation?

Just like in the spellworking, I would suggest a focus on the particular angle of the card you wish to connect with. And I think the card should be done in one concentrated sitting.

I've had the experience of 'living through' a card while I was in the process of creating it. For me, it's what makes the Tarot a real, living system.

Sounds very much worth a try. Let us know how it works out.

fly well