Australian Dreamtime Tarot


I can't figure out where I could order this deck from, and I'd really appreciate any help anybody could give me with this. I think it's a beautiful deck. :)


This web address has a link to a place in Germany that sells the Australian Dreamtime Tarot.
I don't know of anyother palce to get it. If you find a place, please let me know. I think the review of the Australian Dreamtime Tarot on Aeclectic is very misleading. The deck is very definitely a tarot deck with the same structure as any other tarot deck. The majors are based on the RW deck but with an aboriginal flavor. The minors are pip cards with a large dot worth five and a small dot worth one. I think the person doing the review was thinking of Oracle of the Dreamtime instead. Have you seen Oracle of the Dreamtime by Donni Hakanson? I really like it. It has 45 circular cards. The book that comes with it explains the aboriginal myths and legends that go with each card. While Oracle of the Dreamtime isn't tarot, it is very good! The artwork is done by aboriginal artists and is just wonderful!