Automatic drawings on offer


I take my understanding of automatic drawing from the Surrealists. Like artists such as Andre Masson, for example, I draw random lines until I see shapes. Then I stop and work out the shapes. When I've finished the drawing I write up what it suggests to me.

You can leave a question or just sit for a general reading.

I'm happy to part with the original drawings, just pm me.

CLOSED to new sitters for now.

amaya1 - reading posted
2. claire1805 - reading posted
3. Kittysashimi - reading posted
4. PamO - reading posted
5. starburst au - reading posted
6. YDM42 - reading posted
7. Yippee - reading posted
8. Tash - reading posted
9. haleyw - reading posted
10. APT - reading posted
11. MandMaud - reading posted
12. re-pete-a - reading posted
13. KGirl - reading posted
14. Cenozoic - readiing posted
15. ashtoreth - reading posted
16. MsSharonBee - reading posted
17. amaya1 - reading posted
18. galaxys4 - reading posted
19. Fiowall8 - reading posted

I will continue with small sketchbook (14 x 9 cm) and pencil exclusively, unless the my mood dictates otherwise.

Again, bear in mind that these will take me a while so please be patient.


I would love to. Do you need a question?


I would love to. Do you need a question?

If you have a question, that's fine, but I can do a general too and see what comes up.


Let's go with a general and see what happens. These drawings are beautiful and intricate btw


Great :)

Should get this done over the weekend.


If you have time or choose to do a second sitter at some point I would love a general drawing.
It is no big deal if you choose not to.

Your artwork is amazing.


Great stuff BE, looking forwards to it ♡


Look at me, bellying up to the bar!
No is a perfectly acceptable response since you said One.

My life is in a huge state of flux right now. I'm not overwhelmed, but I am spinning rather uselessly...what would your magic pencil and paint see?


I'm happy to keep additional sitters on file. I just didn't want to offer too many because I don't do them quickly. But if you have a little time, I will get to them.

Reina de Copas

See, there I was cursing Katie B for jumping me when you posted ;-) and now I discover I can queue! Too exciting.take as loooong as you wish, it would be such a gift to be drawn as you do them.