Automatic drawings on offer


Thanks so much for this gift. I think its important I saw this and that it was given to me for a reason. You are amazing and gifted ... blessings to you J.

Thank you Jdance, and for your private correspondence too. I'm glad you took something positive from this.


What a wonderful project, BrightEye! These are beautiful and I do hope you're going to set up a website. Not only that but if you become so proficient at it that you could do it at a booth in metaphysical faires, what a unique booth you'd have. You'd sure probably be the only one doing them and I think you'd have more business than you could handle at once. Keep up this beautiful work!

I usually stick to the Tarot areas of the forum, but I had done the New Posts search and came across this thread. That's how I found it. :)

That is high praise indeed from a seasoned hand like yourself :) Thank you. I have been thinking how cool it would be if I could do the drawings in real time. That shall be my aspiration from now on. I feel that like with Tarot readings, these drawings work best when you do them quickly, otherwise you overwork the watercolour and overthink the interpretation.


For you I draw a little fox :) It looked strangely Japanese to me, so my guess is this is a Kitsune. And I also think that this may be a spirit guide or an animal you are very drawn to.

In Japanese mythology, Kitsune are believed to possess superior intelligence, long life, and magical powers. They are a spiritual entity, and the word kitsune is often translated as fox spirit (here the word spirit is used to reflect a state of knowledge or enlightenment, which means that all long-lived foxes gain supernatural abilities). Apparently, the more tails a Kitsune has, the older and more powerful it is. Yours has no tail yet, so my guess is that this is a young Kitsune, or young to you, i.e. a new spirit guide. You will need to nurture her and help her grow as you grow spiritually.

Kitsune are considered shapeshifters in Japanese folklore and are often imagined as impersonating beautiful women. They are often portrayed as lovers, usually in stories involving a young human male and a Kitsune who takes the form of a human woman.

In short, I think this reading is telling you that a new spirit guide has entered your life and wants to be nurtured and accepted.

Thank you so much for this, stunning! I fell in love with this picture as I opened it. It relates in so many ways. I am myself quite young and vulnerable especially right now. I am in need of nurturing which may be why I have attracted a new spirit guide. This is so exciting and exactly what I needed to hear. The portrayal of lovers is also interesting hopefully this new spirit guide is bringing me a new love too. One can hope.

Thank you so much this is stunning.


I have given this drawing the elaborate and pompous titles ‘Labyrinth of the Snake God’ because when I drew it all I could see for a while was this snake in a maze of lines. Then, after a long time, the face of a girl with a hat started to appear and the two images sort of became superimposed.

I don’t usually use ready-made greens but this time I was drawn to use viridian green. I don’t know why. It doesn’t look great to a watercolour purist. The meaning I felt was enlightenment and healing. The hat is blue, a spiritual colour, which emphasized the sense of enlightened wisdom that I got from the girl.

I felt this snake god, drawn in purple, was somehow dominating you, at least he is dominating your thoughts, if nothing else. You are caught in his web and can’t get out, or so you think. I feel this could be a man in your life who has considerable influence on you. Maybe this is someone current, or maybe it is a memory or shadow from the past. Either way, the presence of this person in your mind is real. The colours, the intense blue and green, are stronger than his. His becomes grey when it blends with yours. So if you want to disengage from this person or your thoughts of them, you have the power within you to do so.

Oh BrightEye thank you so much for the beautiful drawing and reading, it resonated very strongly with me :) I know who the Snake God is, he IS dominating my thoughts although I am trying to get him out of my life... Actually the snake could represent more for me than this one person so I'm very happy that you see me strong enough to pull away :) the colours you used were very significant for me as well, blue and purple are my personal colours for strength and represent a higher wisdom for me which I hope I can utilise, the green is hopeful and fresh, like things are changing and renewing :)

I love the feline look of the woman as well, she looks calm and thoughtful despite the snake constricting her. I felt instantly peaceful looking at her expression like she is reassuring me that I will be ok whatever happens and I have the inner strength to free myself from these snakes! I can almost see her rising up and throwing off this snake!

Your artwork is truly stunning and very special, I'm amazed at how you were able to connect with me with your watercolours :) Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!

Sha x


If you re-open i would love to ♡♥♡♥·


EllaHarr & EmpressSha

Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad the drawings and interpretation resonate. I have no idea how some of the things that are meaningful to you get picked up in the drawings, but I guess the principle is the same as reading cards.

All feedback in this thread has been invaluable and has made me ask a lot of questions about this kind of art. Maybe I'll write a little essay on it next :D


I can't believe I missed out on this! I really love the drawings that you have posted in the Lenormand section... If you ever re-open the thread again, please count me in! :)


danieljuk - 14 June 2014

I called this drawing, sort of romantically, ‘Daniel’s Lake’. As a watercolour landscape the drawing is ruined (from a purely technical point of view), but I still felt it carried a message so here it is in all its imperfection.

Of all the drawings I’ve done on this thread, this was the most enigmatic to me. There is a landscape, a very calm lake, a rainy-looking sky. In the foreground there is a picture frame, framing a part of the landscape. There is a fish in the water and a little fellow sitting on top of the frame (could also be part of the frame).

My first thought was that you are not seeing the whole picture in relation to something, possibly of an emotional nature. The frame captures the nicest part of the scenery, including the clam water, but leaves out the sun struggling through the clouds and the rainy part of the sky. It doesn’t include the fish either, the one entity that can navigate through the water without drowning.

Perhaps the emotional waters are not as calm as they appear or as you want them to be. Maybe you feel incomplete or wounded even, like the little fellow who is missing a limb by the looks of it. I think the drawing is telling you to look in the messy places of yourself as well. The fish seems to want to guide you. I think this is an archetypal journey into the soul that’s waiting for you there, outside of the nice and pretty territory that may seem more acceptable but leaves you feeling incomplete.


Alexi - 14 June 2014

As you can see, I called this drawing simply after your name, which I like very much. I felt it had to be done entirely in purple. At first the figure seemed of indeterminate gender, but the more I look at it the more it seems female. I take the figure to be you. She is looking into the distance. She is hopeful and expectant about something only she can see. It illuminates her face, which is the only part of the drawing in a different colour. The sky suggests unsettled weather, perhaps rain in the distance, but that does not deter our woman.

I’ve drawn yet another figure with a hat, which as I’ve said before seems to have spiritual significance. In any case, the hat seemed important and I’ve mixed a little yellow into the purple there. I take this to mean that the woman is fully aware of what awaits her. She is spiritually prepared.

I’m not sure whether any of this resonates with you. The drawing seems to capture you in your spiritual essence, and you seem to be eagerly awaiting something, but I can’t see much beyond that.