Automatic drawings on offer


oh love it that you re opened,i would like a draw by you again!!!!! :)

how will go the next meeting with A,getting closer?


Thank you for the feedback, Kgirl and re-pete-a. So interesting! I'll respond more fully in a couple of days when I have more time.

In the meantime, I have made a mental note of the new sitters and will add them to my list.

Amaya, when is your next meeting with A? I don't know whether I'll get to the drawing before it happens but let me know when it is or might be.


Amaya, when is your next meeting with A? I don't know whether I'll get to the drawing before it happens but let me know when it is or might be.

next week!should i change my question?


can i sit please?
the focus can be on this "rich man who leads" and me.

thanks if you plan to do this:)


Will close here for now with galaxys4 as last sitter.

When next week, amaya?

Pam O

Hi BrightEye,

I appreciate you doing my drawing and my reading so very much. You are the best! :thumbsup:

I am offering up a reading for you. You have been doing so many readings for others...

More discussion by PM! :)

BrightEye said:
How about a free-style 3-5 card reading?

OK BrightEye,
Here you go...

I am attaching the photo below so you can see the cards since this reading is not based traditional card meanings.

Hi BrightEye!

As I look at these cards, I wonder if you have a plan you are pondering to manifest a $ stream? The Page of Coins at the top of this spread is prompting this notion PLUS I immediately saw the 2 “coins” in front of Heirophant that match the 2 coin the Page’s card. :bugeyed: So are you looking at learning something that will create $ in your life in a manner that is totally different than “normal”?

The next huge thing I see is that you do have the info. (That red sword is very prominent in 2 other cards.) So are passionate thoughts swirling around in your head? But you are kind of stuck on the plan? Where to go next? What the plan actually is? (The sword center stage is surrounded by other thoughts.) I am thinking those surrounding thoughts are the thoughts like, “You can’t do that.” Or maybe they are other blah, blah, blah comments and verbal restrictions that are being communicated by others, or maybe your own self doubt?

Your center thought, symbolized by that big, red sword, feels like it is a really awesome idea, even though it may be TOTALLY unorthodox. Focus on that thought. See it through. Let go of the barriers, the doubts that have you second guessing whether your idea is a good one or not.

Your idea IS a good one! How do I know? Because it showed up in this reading where it is featured as super outstanding, and it is center stage.

OK, let’s take a look at the blocks that are currently surrounding that great idea that I believe you have. As I step back and just notice the colors, the black is really standing out in its own very subtle way. I believe the black is symbolizing unconscious energy. What feels like it could be unconsciously holding you back? What can you do to illuminate that unconscious block? How can you expose it? What can you do to expose the block so it is not “in the dark” any more?

OK, now let’s take a look at the red. We have a LOT of red here. Red is in every single card. The red feels like energetic energy that is all fired up. For some reason, it feels like the passion is being tied down and restrained by emotional energy you are not even realizing is messing with you. Have you fell emotional in some way that you may not have been able to put a finger on? (Believe it or not, I am getting this emotional blockage “stuff” in the sky blue intertwined “lattice fence” that is at the top and the base of the center card.)

Now, all of a sudden, I see the 8 of cups at the base of the reading. The traditional RWS book meaning to “walk away” slams into me. But then I have a reality check. NO, it is not the 8 of cups! It is in fact the 7 of cups! Have you been “jumping to conclusions”? Have you been ASSUMING you should “do this” or, “don’t do that”? Stop, quit, enough assuming. Start dreaming. Follow your heart. Do you see your heart peeking up in this 7 of cups? It is right there, emerging above the middle cup at the very base of the card. Do you see it now? It is wanting to show you a path through the maze to realize your dreams. It actually looks like you have 2 different options, and both those options are good ones. See how both paths lead from the foundation, up to the top? They both take you up to the infamous 3 of cups. Look at the 3 cups lined up at the top of the card! They are there waiting for you. Ready to participate in the celebration of your success when you break through the petty “norm” to find your success! (Now I must say I am in a bit of shock. This is by far THE most unique reading of a 7 of cups that I have ever had in my life. Now I am just barely beginning my exploration of the world of reading TdM non-illustrated PIP cards, but I would have NEVER expected to read a card like I just did this one!!!)

As I am getting ready to go get a picture of these cards for you, I am reminded that there are 2 prominent crowns in this reading. The crowns are featured like 2 pillars framing your reading in some odd kind of way. And then, behind the crown of the Hierophant aka “Le Pape”, there are 2 more pillars, and those pillars are topped with 2 more crowns. I really do believe you have a “royally” superb idea that you can capitalize on, and that will also help many others somehow. I do hope this is true and not just some silly fantasy that I dreamed up for you. Oh wow, did you notice what just happened? This comment is an example of one of those unconscious blocks (the 4 surrounding swords in that V of Swords) that are surrounding your magnificent idea in the center of this reading. It just transformed itself into words from the “unconscious” to the verbalized for your pondering pleasure!

Well, is all this a bunch of malarkey, or a bunch of insane craziness? Or does anything happen to hit home here in this reading? I am SO CURIOUS to find out if you have been dreaming up a unique plan for a new way to make money? Or is some revelation hitting you now maybe?


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Wow. I am blown away. This image is just absolutely stunning. I am so moved by it. I feel like framing it - just for the power of the imagery alone.

I think he came out of a relationship a year or so ago so I think maybe that is what you picked up. I am afraid and perhaps he is still a little raw and afraid too so those words really resonate.

It's so weird because I've been listening to Kate Bush a bit lately! LOL I love her!

This is just beautiful and one of the most amazing readings I've ever gotten in my life. Thank you so much.

I had to work closely with his (notoriously difficult) mother today and she was very happy with my work - perhaps its a sign! LOL

Thank you BE. You have such an amazing talent! :love:
Thank you very much for the feedback, Kgirl. I'm so glad it meant something to you, and you are welcome to print the scan if you like. I had a very positive feeling from this drawing regarding our connection with D.


Firstly I really appreciate your creations and the time it must take to get it out of the ether and into material form...
I understand your need to rest every now and then....also thanks for the PM ...

Gee, where to start...

The first impression was TOM THUMB or little me...the little one inside that has been very busy intuiting a massive amount of information over the years...the little whispers of intuitions...that I've learnt to listen to ...finally...that have helped to shape my minds ears and eyes...
The information and wisdoms gained from this little thing does give me strength and intestinal fortitude beyond the norm...Without which I would have floundered on the dangerous hidden hazards of intellectuality and logic...for me, the current toxic ailments that pollute the minds of many as equally as it pollutes this globe....
I have also great admiration for this planets tolerance of this race ...Mother Nature ...she also provides many foundational wisdoms that take years to comprehend...

Perhaps this is also indicating "The little woman" which is a local term for the wife...which I don't have ...though there is an interested party...

Then there's the whim of purchasing a bigger boat....which I don't have yet. They are usually called SHE by the captains of the vessel...

I guess by the way I've rambled on in the first instance it must be that first one...I do glow when something that has been circling in the mind finally collides with matching answers that add more colour and expand a larger picture of my world. Plus I'm constantly aware of the little things that are miracles right in front of our eyes yet we fail to see them...
Which reminds me ...when I was very young I used to see many little people, every night for years. But fears eventually blocked and closed that line of contact...Wow, I'd forgotten about them...they put me to sleep every night ...but the spiraling up and shooting up and out of the body followed by a hugh spasm that nearly threw me out of the bed used to scare me...
SIGH... that's life for yah...

Again, BRIGHTEYE,thanks heaps for dragging that piece of the past back into the present...and for your efforts involved in producing these little treasures...

Would you mind if I copied it for framing...It is yours you know...
That is such charming feedback! Thank you very much for your sharing this. I really appreciate it and I git to know a side of re-pete-a I didn't know about and that should get more exposure :)

You can copy the image for framing if you wish. if you need a better resolution, let me know and I'll email you a better scan.



Thank you very much for such an uplifting and detailed reading.

The answer to all the questions asked in your reading is yes! I do have an unorthodox business idea, and it's right here in this thread! When I started this thread, it was out of curiosity for the medium. But since then so many people have said I should or could use this to make a little money. It all comes at a timewhen I've been thinking about doing something totally different but more fulfilling with my life. And you are right, I have this little voice in my head saying 'this is crazy, you have a perfectly good career, why do something as mad as this?' Yet, things keep coming in unexpectedly to nudge me on this path, like a friend contacting me out of the blue to ask if I wanted to work with her on an illustrated book.

So, dear Pam O, your reading is right on the money!!! I'm not sure what the two paths of the 7 of Cups might be. At the moment, I'm juggling my current job and my artistic endeavours, so perhaps it's that.

Thanks muchly again for a great and uplifting reading.


That is such charming feedback! Thank you very much for your sharing this. I really appreciate it and I git to know a side of re-pete-a I didn't know about and that should get more exposure :)

You can copy the image for framing if you wish. if you need a better resolution, let me know and I'll email you a better scan.

Thank you for your kind permission to print ...

It's now been put into a plastic heat sealed sheet along with the post that you wrote explaining it and the feedback I posted...these are back to back side your drawing, the other the written...

Now I'll wait and see what transpires when I get to do a meditation on it all....Just may PM results to you...