I just got mine a coupla' weeks ago, & LUV them & this is my very
1st time dealing w/anthing Oracle,(much-less faery/fey). Now, I've
found to my surprise I've also purchased the "The Fairy Ring";(yet
not have had time to even un-wrap it,due to the (Fearies Oracle!)
This Could be my imagination, But I think not; cause they" led" me to a certain drawer(I knew not why & asked No ?'s)& there lay
a small golden bell I coulda' Sworn I packed @ X-mas! Then they
proceeded 2 decribe In Detail How-To make & stain their box;com-
plete w/fey appliques & "fairy-dust" glitter! ( Heck, I wanna live
inna' box like that w/that sorta' Art,No kiddin';No foolin',ha)
My beloved S/O, Bill just got a webcam & will try 2 send a pic If anyone is interested.If not, that's quite alright, too. I cannot emphathize enuf How much they mean 2 me, perhaps pics may help. Then there's all sorts of all-sorta' natural stuff in bottom of box : lined with pine leaves,small multi-coloured sea shells, potpourri,etc. Gotta go so I can "quit- their- on- demanding-decor" & actually learn how-to-read them! l0l


That sounds excellent! I see that you have very particular fae as well. LOL Hey, they know what they like and they aren't shy about telling you! At least you can "hear" them and that will go far in learning to read with them. (I'm guessing as I am still learning to read with them as well :) )

Good Luck and Welcome! :D

Of course we are interested to see what it looks like!!!


I would love to see a pic of the box when you are done :)

The faeries will teach you everything, and both you and the faeries will have fun learning (playing really *LOL*).

As for the Fairy Ring, I have that deck as well. It is COMPLETLY DIFFERENT, and is not personal like the Faeries Oracle. I love it for brutal honest readings. As long you do not have the same expectation of your Fairy Ring as you do of the Faeries Oracle you should enjoy both very much ... I do.

September Pixie

I see I am not the only one invaded by the Fae Folk :) I would LOOOOOOVE to see the box when you are finished.. if you need help uploading it, PM me and I will help if I can :)