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It's been a while.... I've gone back to Reiki practice just for myself this time and I'm so glad I did. In fact I'm doing a few 'out of the norm' things in my life at the moment and I feel brilliant for it. I put it down to getting back to Reiki.

I have believed in Reiki since I took my first course and the subsequent distance ones. Reiki I was a powerful experience for me and for a long time it became a daily, before work, ritual. Then I stopped doing it without even being conscious of stopping it, it just stopped being part of my day. I can only think that life must have got too hectic to fit in those little luxurious, me-time moments. But now I'm back to it and from the first self-treatment I noticed a difference in the way I started to approach problems. I'm more relaxed, taking things in my stride, and I have the energy to get on with things that i have been putting off. It feels like the old me again.

I was going to reopen an old thread I once started but decided that sometimes things of the past are best left there. I'm keen to know first how you keep your Reiki fresh and keep at it. And also your own experiences with it, how you use Reiki in your lives, what your routine/ritual is. And what experiences you can put down to Reiki. For me I can say that it has helped me recently with a stressful issue at work and the way I now relate to that. I also feel so happy and light as though a weight has gone from my shoulders.

Are there any Reiki people here these days?



I've been learning Reiki for a few years now. My learning was one-on-one, with a very good friend of mine acting as my Mentor. The day after my birthday she gave me my Reiki Three A and Reiki Three B attunements. Much to my surprise, since I had only been expecting the 3A for now.

I've been told that I'm a "natural" when it comes to Reiki, and it's true. Now that I've had a little practice under my belt, I can channel energy quite easily and send it where it needs to go. Recently I did a treatment on my mentor (she has a very bad back) and she told me the effects lasted for three days.

I have to admit, I don't really do many of the things that are "expected" from Reiki. I don't meditate. I don't give myself daily self-treatments. Heck, I haven't even created my first Crystal Grid yet. (I still have to research that part more.) But if I find myself physically or mentally tired, I will take a moment to raise a little energy for myself. And if I can't sleep, I'll send energy through all of my chakras, from root to crown, and then release that energy, from crown to root, and out through my toes.

If someone asks me for help, whether in person or through distance healing, I am always happy to do so. But I don't go around advertising the fact that I'm a Reiki Practitioner, and I have never charged money for a treatment.

I'm somewhat overwhelmed by having the title of Master Teacher. Because I am such a natural talent, I have no idea how I could ever explain what I do to someone else. Plus, even though I have received enough attunements (and endured enough interesting side-effects) to believe in their power, I don't know if I could actually give one. At least not yet.


Welcome Back! :)

I think there are times in life that we 'forget' to utilize our connection to Reiki, but I don't believe that it ever leaves us. Once we are attuned to it, it is always a part of who we are. Sometimes it might go dormant within us just waiting for us to come back to it. And other times (or maybe at the same time), it is working within us and through us even when we are not consciously aware.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and have been a practitioner for many years. If you had told me when I went to my Level I attunement (at the request of a friend so that they could get a discount on the class) that Reiki would change the course of my life for the better and that I would one day be a Master/Teacher, I would have told you you were crazy ;) and I was just there to help a friend and satisfy my curiosity because the Master teaching the class was someone I knew who I did not know until that point was "into Reiki" and she was so grounded and wise that it totally surprised me as before then the few people I had ever met who mentioned Reiki were sort of people I considered flighty and "new-agey".

From the very first class, I felt the power of Reiki and some of the things I love most about it (then and now) is that 1) ANYONE can become attuned to Reiki, 2) it can do no harm as it simply connects the individual to their higher self for healing to occur at the pace and depth that is right for them, and 3) it does not require any type of belief (including belief that it works) for Reiki to work for the highest and best good.

I have always done self-treatment daily and try to regularly do full table treatments on myself as well although I admit I have not done this in awhile. I did however recently have another Master do table work on me and it greatly helped!! I also find as a Master that is a good idea to periodically do self-attunements both for the practice and to deepen my relationship with Reiki. Crystals were never a part of my training, I was strictly Usui trained all the way...however, this year I was lead by my guides and ascended masters to begin studying crystal healing and I have been doing so and hope to incorporate this knowledge into my Reiki practice when the time is right.

I will send Reiki healing to anyone who asks, anywhere-anytime, whether they pay or not. And sometimes with consent of their higher self will send to people who may need it but do not know to ask...even people maybe I see on the news or if I come across a car wreck while driving etc. Some of the most powerful reiki sessions I have had have been working with animals (I love working with horses especially) and also a few opportunities to work with people making the transition from this life to the next.


Hi NorthernTigress,

I also find that when I am tired Reiki can give me a boost of energy, but likewise if I can't sleep (which happens often) *Reiki relaxes me and helps me to nod off. *And just reading your post and wildechild's makes my hands and feet tingle. Its wonderful that Reiki is always with us and is there waiting to be used.


Hi wildechilde,

Like you, I went to my first Reiki class for my own curiosity and didn't really expect to come away having felt a strong connection, and was even more confused. *I used to self treat every morning and I used to Reiki a very sick friend who through pain was losing sleep and looking back was probably scared of the future. *I know it brought her comfort and she would fall asleep after the treatment.*

My view is that the level of Reiki training is less important than the regularity of practice which keeps a*strong connection. *I was relieved to find that after a few years with no regular practice that I was able to find that connection again instantly, though it's not as strong as it was, yet.

I wish my little dog who is old, blind and deaf, and has bad legs would let me Reiki him but he's never liked it and gets up as soon as he feels the heat.

Its great to hear both experiences.



My view is that the level of Reiki training is less important than the regularity of practice which keeps a*strong connection. *I was relieved to find that after a few years with no regular practice that I was able to find that connection again instantly, though it's not as strong as it was, yet.
I agree! I feel too that whether a person is attuned at Level I or anywhere to the infinite levels of Master/Teacher that keeping the *connection* is what keeps the energy flowing well and deepens our own understanding of Reiki. Keep up your daily practice and you will soon regain and even surpass the strength of your connection you once felt!

I wish my little dog who is old, blind and deaf, and has bad legs would let me Reiki him but he's never liked it and gets up as soon as he feels the heat.

I completely understand. Maybe you can allow him to tell you when he is in need of treatment. Communicate with his higher self and leave yourself open to his requests. You might also try not actually touching him when you are sending Reiki to see if that is more comfortable for him.

I once had a cat that was the same way as your sweet little dog. Most of the time he wanted nothing to do with Reiki but one time he hurt his leg very badly and every day for a week he came and got in my lap and allowed me to work on him for 20 minutes or so. This was the only time he did this in all the years I had him.

I know it is hard when we know we can potentially help ease another's suffering/pain but they are not open to it, however, it's important to respect their higher self and remember that our idea about what would be healing for them may not be the same as what their HS knows should be part of their path. This is the same for animals and humans alike.


Hi wildchilde

Thanks for the response, I'm waiting for Billy to come to me for a snuggle and I'll try Reiki again but it's on his terms and he often doesn't stay long. I don't touch when I do Reiki but evenso he has never seemed to like it. For one I'm just so at ease with doing it again noticing the effect it's having.

(Just wanted to also apologise for all these asterisks in my posts. I'm on my iPad so maybe it's something to do with that. I think I'm putting too many spaces in)



what is your reiki desires,,
are you looking at learning some new reiki systems ?
perhaps buying a new reiki book ?
there are some i dont' have that discuss reiki shamanism which doens't seems to be based on the usui system for example.

I dont' actively pratice but if you want to exchange a reiki sending i am up for it. :)


Hi Holmes, I'm enjoying the daily self treatments because they set me up in an all round happy and relaxed way to get on with my day. Thanks for the offer of exchange but I probably won't go down that root, I've discovered that keeping things light and non serious is more pleasurable. At least that how I feel today!



ok moonbow :)

when doing daily self treatments, steve murray in his books on reiki suggests in his view that one shouldnt' forget the back chakras.
it is hard to reach the back chakras for me, you may want to picture the rieki going through the chakra into the back chakra like a beam.
usually the self treatment hand positions if you use them goes by the chakras in the front so you could keep that in mind.
(or picture yourself touching the backchakraas by absentee, one example is to use a teddy and by sending reiki to the back chakras on it , it should send reiki to yourself..
for myself though i can't picture that working use a teddy for sending reiki long distance).

good luck with the daily self treatments and look forward to where it takes you down the line :)