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Hi Moonbow! (**wave**)

I just wanted to say thanks for your posts as you inspired me (kicked me in the butt) to get back on my own table for a full session. My daily self-treatments are often just 5 or 10 minutes and sometimes specific areas, etc, and as I mentioned before I haven't done a full session on myself for awhile (not counting the reiki the practitioner receives when working on others).

Last night, no one was home, so I went into my reiki healing room, lit a candle, put on Jonathon Goldman's Chakra Crystal Healing CD and had a yummy hour long Reiki session on myself!! So I just wanted to say thanks for stirring me up and reminding me that I deserve to be pampered and cared for through Reiki too!

On a side note, to add to HOLMES' last post...(you may have already been taught this) I was taught to use the BLOC method to set up correspondences for Reiki treatment. It works for treating back chakra's on yourself or anyone else and is very easy to do. If you need more explanation just PM me.


Hi wildchilde,

So glad that this thread inspired you to give yourself a treatment, your Reiki healing room sounds perfect, somewhere where you can go and shut out the world out. A bit of ME time is something we all forget to do at times.

As for the treatment I'm doing, I do it before I even get out of bed and I do just my head for now, it stops me rushing out of bed in the mornings to get to work. I don't want to make it any more in depth than that for now because if it takes me too long I will end up dropping it all together some days and right now I want a regular daily routine that I know won't take long. I dare say I will change this around but for now its a few minutes of my time and yet is having a lasting affect on my day.


How is your reiki time going now Moonbow?

Reiki I think is something I need to put back into my daily routine, like you said above - something quick and simple that is keeping the connection alive without the trappings of having to do it for x amount of time.
I've got to the point where I rarely use Reiki more than once a month, and only then if someone asks me for a treatment.


While this is an old thread, my finding of it is timely. During my Wicca studenship, in April 2000, I had my level one reiki attunement. It was an amazing experience (and not just because I got sick as a dog for an hour or so - I had this huge block in my heart chakra and those initial energies opened that up).

The energy itself was very intuitive - I had been doing something similar but less structured for years, as an empath with a critically ill parent that I was the primary caregiver for. I used it a lot in those first years.

After a while, I backed off, and like everything else, it slid away from me as I went back to school, established my career.

I just bought a book about Reiki by Chris Penczak, because I wanted to reestablish those practices, and maybe seek further attunements.

I find the energy of reiki to be empowering, but also so very peaceful. I need more of both in my life.


One of my best Reiki sessions was a few years ago, when I was exhausted, laid down at night, and was planning to do one for me, but instead was guided to give one to my husband, as he was having back pains. Felt that wonderful light go through me, to him, and we both fell asleep with my hands on his back. Woke up, both of us totally refreshed, felt that the Reiki was being done all night long.